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Here is a list of posts in descending order from the earliest to the most recent.  Click on any title to go straight to the post of your choice.    [Note: Pages, as opposed to posts, are the titles you see on the black background at the top of your screen.]

If you feel in the mood for looking rather than reading, please visit my website where you will find my full collection of drawings and paintings

If you are looking for posts where I share my methods, there are three of them. Here are the links:

Brush and Pencil, Neocolor and Luminance: Perfect Partners, and Undercover White

Welcome  a brief introduction and hello


Quiet a drawing about a Paris street

WIP Quiet

New Work in Progress Page more about the drawing “Quiet”


Love is in the Air a Valentine’s Day post with a Paris theme

Le Georges Rose email size

Julie’s Parallel World inspiration from exotic places

parallel world 2_edited-1

Here Comes the Night a drawing with lamp and lantern in Kyoto

Here Comes the Night email size

It Ain’t Necessarily So how to tell REAL geisha from girls dressing up

A Stroll Before Dusk email size final

Spirited Away the story behind a drawing and the passing of a photographer

Spirited Away email size

Northern Exposure photo essay from four weeks in the northern hemisphere


A Girl’s Best Friend First day as a maiko (apprentice geisha) in Kyoto


Love in a Cold Climate photo essay from Saint Petersburg

love in a cold climate

Rare View a drawing of Satohana, Maiko of Kamishichiken

Rare View blog

Art Hell a bad week for this artist!

Art Hell 2 the bad week ends in a ripped up drawing

Putting a Cat Amongst the Pencils thoughts on art hell and art auction results

Cat amongst the pencils

Waiting a portrait of Satohana, Maiko of Kamishichiken

Waiting email size

Faulting and Folding  similarities between hills and kimono

Hawkins Hill

Burning Down the House a house fire and art gone forever

Mary Podstolski_edited-1

Art Personality Disorder a psychological disorder discovered by me!

Vertical Hierarchy tiny size

Five Views of Kotomi five drawings recording a very special dance performance in Kyoto

Repose for blog

Aberration a drawing of a piece of street art in Saint Germain des Près

Aberration small size

Le fugitif: cat on the run  I saw a ‘lost cat’ notice in Paris and made a drawing of it

Le fugitif blog size

In the Beginning(s)  A post about early coloured pencil work.


Photorealism  The umbrella which my type of art stands under

Coloured Cow_edited-1

Welcome to Christchurch A walk through post-earthquake Christchurch


The Cats of Miraflores A visit to an unusual cat society in Lima


Observation A drawing of Katsuyuki and the white heron

Observation blog size_edited-1

Just Landed The first drawing of a new series of birds at Fremantle

Just Landed blog size

Take Me to the River The second drawing of a new series of Fremantle birds

Take Me to the River blog size_edited-1

New York  A photo essay of New York

roof view 1

Le Jardin de Claude Monet  Two visits, in autumn and spring, to Monet’s garden

in paris 10

On the Waterfront  A drawing in my “Birds of Fremantle” series

On the Waterfront small size

Voici Paris  An exhibition of Parisian photos from my last three visits

in paris 3

La Dance  A drawing of a cormorant striking a dance pose

La Danse blog size_edited-1

A Difficult Birth  a post about trouble I had with my drawing “Eye Catcher”

Eye Catcher

Early Bird  A portrait of a crested tern early in the morning

Early Bird small size

Right Royal Ribbing   Street art of a royal nature in East London


Horsey London  A series of London photos with an equine slant


Are you a street art fancier?   Street art in London


Wings  An Oystercatcher stretches in the morning sun


Low  A drawing of some New York street art

Low blog size_edited-1

White Noise  I made a drawing of New York street art

White Noise blog size

Life is Beautiful   A drawing of street art found in Paris

Life is Beautiful small size_edited-1

A Fog over London   A photographic post of a foggy morning on December 11th, 2013.


Saphie’s Last Post  A photographic tribute to our cat, who died today.


Tableau A drawing set in Saint Germain des Près

Tableau blog size_edited-2

Jacques Russell  A stylish Jack Russell terrier in Paris

Jacques Russell blog size_edited-1

To You Both  My response to a Christmas card in a shop window display

to you both

A time to destroy  Another ripped up drawing


Just a New York Conversation  A drawing of street art found in NY.

Just a New York Conversation_ blog edited-1

Christchurch Revisited  Another look at post-earthquake Christchurch


This is New Zealand  Photo essay on magnificent New Zealand


Send in the Birds  Photo essay and story about New Zealand birds


Rue de l’Echaudé  a new drawing of my favourite Paris street

Rue de l'Echaudé_blog size

The baby we had to have  A new baby and a new way of doing art


Watercolour Supplication  How watercolours led me out of Art Purgatory


Blue Angel  New portrait in pencils and crayons of Satohana

Blue Angel blog size

An Exceptional Day in Gion  An opportunistic afternoon in Kyoto

Les Papillons

Daughter of Kyoto   Portrait of Katsuyuki on the day of her erikae

Daughter of Kyoto_blog size

Surprise!   Two maiko walk into a wall of photographers – a drawing.

Surprise! email size

The Fleeting and the Transient  A story about my drawing “Dichotomy”


Rhapsody in Blue  A Paris streetscape named after Gershwin’s concerto

Rhapsody in Blue small file

OZASHIKI!   Photos and story from a most enchanting night in Kyoto


Sleepless in Kyoto  My early morning walk through Kyoto streets


Enfolded  Drawing of a geiko entering Ichiriki Teahouse in Kyoto

Enfolded blog size

Smile, you’re on candid camera   photos of maiko and geiko from June 2014


Life isn’t perfect but it can be beautiful nonetheless   an artist statement


Young Artist Old Artist  Two portraits – Satsuki-san and me

Satsuki-san email size

Art as Comfort   Art to comfort a troubled mind


The Art of Elegance  a drawing of Katsutomo and lanterns

The Art of Elegance email size

The Artist is Present  Some thoughts about my art exhibition


I didn’t know that artists talked to people”   Some more thoughts about exhibiting


Hello Introvert Self    The exhibiting side of me goes back into storage


Diamonds    A drawing of three maiko on shijo-dori

Diamonds small size

Step by Step   A drawing of two women with umbrellas

Second Life  the story of an Australian kidney transplant

M and J 2_edited-1

 Repeating Patterns  a drawing in progress


Private Thoughts  a drawing of Makiko-san

Private Thoughts small size

No Such Thing as ‘Background’   Treating your whole space respectfully

A Brief Stop in Ponto-cho

Black Power  A post about my use of black and white pencils


Based on a True Story  a post about bending facts to tell a good story

Quality Control   two good lanterns and a bad lantern


Just Walk Away Renée   A motif of women walking away

Red on a Grey Street

The Power of Glow    Three new lantern drawings

Paper and Neon small size

The Gift of Art  I gave a drawing to my muse


 Sister Support  Satsuki and Marika


 Baikasai    Tea and cake under the plum blossom


Kyoto Photo Journal    photos from my 16th trip


 Small Gardens   tiny outdoor spaces in Kyoto and Kurashiki


 Kea Auto Care  Those pesky kea parrots in New Zealand!


Passage   A drawing of a timeless passage in Gion, Kyoto

Passage small size

Jewel  a drawing of Satsuki-san

Jewel email size

Krakow to Kyoto: a costume drama


The Only Thing I Ever Got From You Was Sorrow  – sorrow from “Joy”

Joy small size

Pointing To The Point  Colored Pencil Society of America


Spot the Difference  The same drawing on two different papers


Amethyst  An amethyst-coloured drawing

Amethyst small size

Have You Been to New Zealand?  Photo essay on a winter holiday


Her First Day  a portrait of Kiyono-san

Her First Day small size

 Costume Drama  a second portrait of Kiyono

Costume Drama small size

Coiffed  a portrait of Satsuki

Coiffed small size

A Walk with Katsutomo-san   Photo-shoot from the Erikae of Katsutomo-san


Go Around Again   Day 2 of Katsutomo-san’s Erikae walk


Gion Hatanaka    A special dinner in with Maiko and Geiko


Lost and Found  – art and (my) mental health

Spirit of the Street small size

A Reflective Moment  a portrait of Katsutomo-san

A Reflective Moment blog size

Being There  another portrait of Katsutomo-san

Being There blog size

Thinking about Paris  Drawings of Paris 2011/12

Marais Impression email size

A New Day in Gion   A lantern drawing

A New Day in Gion small size

Winter Light   A winter lantern drawing

Winter Light small size

Love Story  A small urban-scape

Love Story

Transition A second blurry urban-scape

Transition small size

Fascination  Blurry drawing no. 3/homage to David Bowie

Fascination small size

Nothing but Flowers  Crown Clearance Zones in Christchurch


Encounter  Two Geiko, one corgi.  Altered reality.

Encounter small size

Promenade  Coloured pencil impressionism

Promenade small

Performance  Jewels of Kyoto (Maiko and Geiko) in Perth


Jewels of Kyoto in Perth  Photos of Perth Japan Festival


“I Do” – Art Relationships  Commitments to people and art


Pencil Impressions  Soft-focus art with coloured pencils

Spring email size

Oh! You Pretty Things  A drawing of Satsuki with a sheltie dog

Oh You Pretty Things small

Fantastic Voyage  Two artistic journeys: artist’s and subject of art

Fantastic Voyage small size

Ephemeron and Ephemera  Two small drawings

two small pieces

Visually Conscious in New York    A photo-essay of New York

visually conscious

The Streets of San Francisco  A photo-essay of San Francisco

painted ladies with blossom

Chicago  A photo-essay of Chicago


Speed of Life   A drawing of Satsuki dashing across a busy street

Speed of Life small size

Sisters  Kimihiro and Kimitoyo of Miyagawa-cho


Photobombs on the Streets of Kyoto   a photo essay of bloopers


Kimihiro and Kimitoyo  Photos from the Erikae of Kimihiro


Fun in Higashiyama   A photo-essay of Kyoto’s eastern hills


Doll of Paradise   A doll in a Kyoto shop window

Doll of Paradise small size

Super Deluxe  A Geiko and a taxi

Super Deluxe email size

Seabirds of Fremantle  First photos with my brand new Nikon D7200


Port Side  A seagull at the port of Fremantle


Fascination: Maiko, Geiko, Kyoto  Art exhibition of coloured pencils and sculpture

invitation 3 jpeg

The Humble Seagull    A second seagull drawing at Fremantle port


Pictures at an Exhibition    Notes from our art exhibition so far


Fascination Finale  Reflecting on an art exhibition


Christchurch: Now’s Good   Photos from Christchurch in New Zealand


Cool Parisian Shop Dogs   Meeting some Paris dogs on my walks


Liberation   A drawing of flight


Somewhere  The first of a new series of Paris drawings

Guiding Lights   a drawing of rue Quincampoix


Show Time  a drawing of Moulin Rouge


Alone in the Upper Marais   a Paris street-scape pre-dawn


The Gladness and Joy Department  Giles’ Christmas cartoons 1950


Nearly Dusk   Late afternoon on rue Quincampoix


Good Morning Paris  morning on rue Saint Denis


On the Road  rue de Rivoli one night


Rain Bird   a crested tern at Fremantle port


Rain Birds   photographs of seabirds in the summer rain


Just a Moment   a drawing containing a mother and child in St. Paul, Paris.


Transit Lounge  Where birds sit in between their connecting flights


Small Country, Big Heart   a photo journey round the South Island of New Zealand


Close Encounters of the Bird Kind   photos of the delightful birds I met in New Zealand


Just Looking  a mixed-media drawing of a tern at dusk


Turn! Turn! Tern!   Terns flying and fishing in Busselton, W.A.


Stepping Out   A drawing of a silver gull going for a walk

Surveillance  A drawing of an Osprey at North Fremantle

In Town Tonight  another drawing in the Paris Revisited series

The Elegant 4th – a drawing of a street in the Marais district

My Blue Whale Neighbours  A visit to the Perth Canyon

Evensong  a drawing of an evening on rue de Rivoli

Sideshow Alley  A drawing of Boulevard de Clichy

Sumptuous Paris  a photo essay of my 2016 Paris trip

Once Upon a Wall   a drawing of Paris street art

Entrance  a drawing of Katsutomo

Port Authority  A Silver Gull at Fremantle

Flames and Rainbows  Rainbow Lorikeets in the flame trees

On the Rocks  Two little drawings of Crested Terns

Treading the Boards  A seagull compared to an actor

Rhapsody in Gold  a drawing of an evening in Paris

Walk   a drawing at a pedestrian crossing

Impressions   visitor responses at an art exhibition

Kyoto Belle Époque  reminiscence of a golden age

Irresistible Blanche  a drawing of Place Blanche (Paris) at dusk

Happy Paris Anniversary   one year since visiting Paris and a work-in-progress

Far from the Madding Crowd  a drawing of Cathedrale Notre Dame

Enchanted April  spring time at Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

City Slicker  a drawing of a raven in Jaures

Tall Poppy  a drawing from Jardin des Plantes de Paris

Time and Space  a drawing from Centre Georges Pompidou

Day Trip to Giverny Julie Podstolski visits Claude Monet

Brush and Pencil  my mixed-media technique explained

Walking with Claude  a drawing by me and a song by Matthew Clements

Still Life  a drawing of an urban scene in Beaubourg, Paris.

Rebel Rebel  a drawing of a dilapidated poster seen in the Latin Quarter

I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now  An autumn trip to New Zealand

A box of birds   a visit to the birds of Orokonui Ecosanctuary

Night Moves  a drawing of Moulin Rouge and Place Blanche

Bay Watch  fauna on South Island’s coastline

The Liberation of Art  a drawing with a neon sign

Wait   a drawing about waiting to cross the road

Non, je ne regrette rien  A scuttled drawing

A Small Act of Love  a mother-and-child drawing

Overcast  cloudy skies over Notre Dame

Finders Keepers  photographs from a European trip

Urbane Saint Germain  an impression of Saint Germain des Prés

The Exceptional Box  The best box of coloured pencils in the world

Boulevard  Crossing the road at Place Blanche

Café des Arts  Two couples in one drawing

Post-exhibition post  thoughts after an exhibition

The Artist’s Way 

Enchanted Venice  a photo-essay on Venice

Let Your Heart Speak  a Burano photo essay

Early One Morning  my first drawing of Venice

A Room with a View  looking out of my Cannaregio window

The Remains of the Day  as the sun descends in Venice

The Coast of Most  a photo essay of Wellington

Pretty in Pink  a photo essay of Pink Venice

Silent Night  late at night in Dorsoduro

Sunrise Reflected  early morning on the Grand Canal

Life Back Then  history written by an 11 year old me

Summer Rain – tourists in a Verona shower

Deep in Castello  – a silent figure on Piscina S. Martin

Undercover White  white’s role in luminous colour mixing

Space Oddity  thoughts about inner space

Winter Rain  Venice in November

A View from Lido   Sitting on Lido and looking across the lagoon

Eventide   An evening high tide on the Venetian lagoon

Look Out  An encounter with a seagull on Palatine Hill, Rome

Perfect Partners: Neocolor and Luminance   a drawing method explained

Most Serene –  La Serenissima

Ascension  The Grand Canal at night is heaven

Morsels of Happiness  a post about registering joyful moments

Quiet Time   contemplating life now and one year ago

Mayday  A stormy day in Western Australia

The Hospital Cat  a drawing and a story of a Venetian cat

Composition with Cat  a second ‘hospital’ cat from Venice

All the World’s a Stage   A Yellow Legged Goal in a thunder storm

Another Time   a brief stop in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Good Vibrations   early evening on via Fiori Oscuri, Milan

Cornered my drawing of a piece of street art in found in Milan

An Autumn Feast A park with a view in Florence

An Italian Dream A portrait of Vernazza

Morning has Broken Sunrise on the Grand Canal.

Wet Verona an impression in a thunderstorm

Europe Endless a small railway station at night

You Are Here Grounded in Fremantle

Neighbourhood Watch Biko watches his South Fremantle neighbours

Morning on the Swan River Black swans on the Swan River at Point Walter

Thinking It Over a young woman deep in thought at Fremantle

Maritime Morning sunrise with moon setting at North Mole

Sunset Flight Fremantle reflects the last of the sun’s rays

Good Morning Fremantle Sunrise lights up the harbour

Escape to Fairyland A visit to see the Splendid Fairy Wrens

Iridescent Morning Morning on the banks of the Swan River

This Little Bird A south-western Silvereye at Berry Farm

Little Brother is Watching You A South Island Tomtit (Ngirungiru)

Last Night I Dreamed of Kyoto A drawing – or a dream?

Melting Memory a wet evening in the Marais remembered

Honey Pie a New Holland Honeyeater on a bit of garden hardware

Welcome to the Water Dish A Silvereye drops in for a drink

October Arrivals Rainbow Bee Eaters and bird paparazzi arrive at Gwelup

Blue Muse Inspiration from a Splendid Fairy Wren

Girl Power Celebrating the female fairy wren

Small Wonder Inspiration from a Purple Backed Fairy Wren

Up at Sunrise Seagull and light-house in the early-morning light

Box Seat At Fremantle inner harbour a seagull commandeers the best seat in the house

Beautiful Bird Study of a male Purple Backed Fairy Wren

New View a view of Fremantle from a newly discovered vantage point

Our Place – Fremantle Inner Harbour in winter

A Late Night Conversation A webcast with Ann Kullberg

Good Day Sunshine A relaxed gull at East Fremantle jetty

If a Japanese Lantern were a Bird A comparison

Diagonals A seagull at Fremantle’s inner harbour

Verandah Resident A red-winged fairy wren at Donnelly River

Peekaboo playing hide and seek with birds in Booyeembara Park

Wow Factor drawing and photos of scarlet robins

On the Lookout a drawing of a western yellow robin and photos of splendid fairy wrens

Celestial Forest – The 2022 Donnelly Verandah Residencies

Transcendence a patch of forest as the sun descends behind it

The Prettiest Star a drawing of a purple-backed fairy wren

All is Calm Rainbow sculpture with crested tern

Colour My World Rainbow sculpture with pied cormorant

Double Happy A New Holland honeyeater in the garden

Ready to Fly A seagull takes off

Under the Rose Bush A splendid fairy wren at Araluen Botanic Garden

Himself A drawing of Biko – the neighbourhood cat

Southerly Change an oil painting from my younger days

Radiant Guest a rainbow bee-eater in a banksia tree

Home & Heart – local love stories an art exhibition

A Walk in Miyagawa – a Kyoto nocturne

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