The Liberation of Art

“The Liberation of Art”
oil pastels and coloured pencils – 290 x 420 mm. April 2018

One of my favourite Paris spots is in Saint Germain des Près where rue de Seine forks one way and rue de l’Échaudé forks the other.  I returned there on my last trip and was delighted to find a blue neon sign in the window of Galerie Lumas saying “The Liberation of Art”.   What a subject!  All I had to do was decide on my composition and wait for passers-by.

Soon enough I had my people (and dog).  They’d do very well!

On the left of the composition is a corner of Galerie L. de Puybaudet and on the right, Galerie Lumas – 42 and 40 rue de Seine respectively.

What IS the liberation of art?  Perhaps the couple are discussing this very question as they stroll on a peaceful October morning past the galleries.

The undercoat of the drawing in Sennelier oil pastels, before coloured pencils were applied.

Past drawings of rue de Seine and rue de ‘Échaudé in coloured pencils –

“Paris en hiver” 2011

“Matin” 2011

“Quiet” 2013

“Rue de l’Échaudé” 2014

“de bonne heure” 2012

“Rhapsody in Blue” 2014



10 thoughts on “The Liberation of Art

  1. anna warren portfolio

    Isn’t that a great statement – ‘The Liberation of Art’, it’s grandiose, powerful and political. I would have been interested in what the exhibition inside was, it couldn’t be anything conservative or quiet. Even though you have drawn that corner or its environs many times, each drawing is unique, it has a new perspective on the place. This one in particular draws me in, I want to follow that couple and their dog, see where they are going.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Well – I googled ‘the liberation of art’ just as I was finishing the drawing. Funny how I always google things at the end of a drawing – maybe so that the mystery is preserved for me while I’m working on it. And the result is not as romantic as you or I might hope. Turns out there are 40 Lumas Galleries around the planet (including one in Melbourne) and the liberation of art is – well – affordable art – and mostly, it seems, photography and prints. That’s the conclusion I come to from seeing their ethereal advertising on this subject.
      I wanted to think of a different title after seeing what the liberation of art was really – as I didn’t want to be part of the advertising of Gallery Lumas. I thought of calling it “Dialogue” but in the end I kept thinking of the drawing as “The Liberation of Art” so it stayed.
      I’m indebted to them for that great piece of blue neon in the window.

  2. ginalawley

    I just LOVE your art. I could be walking these streets right now Merci beau coup, mon ami Amicalement et cou cou Gina x



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