"Waiting" a portrait of Satohana in Kamishichiken.

“Waiting” a portrait of Satohana in Kamishichiken.  340 x 520 mm. 2013

“Waiting” is a portrait of Satohana who was waiting for (I presume) her family to exit the theatre after a performance of Kitano Odori.  The drawing “Rare View” illustrates what happened next; when Satohana and a small girl (perhaps her sister) walked off together hand-in-hand.

"Rare View" Satohana walks away.

“Rare View” Satohana walks away. 2013

I started “Waiting” while I was still in Art Hell before I had finished with “Sakura at Dusk”.  It wasn’t until I had destroyed “Sakura at Dusk” that I could put uninterrupted heart and soul into “Waiting”.  I had to get the former irritation out of my life first!

I am presently on the opposite side of Art Hell.  I am briefly in Art Heaven.  (YAY!)  What is this state?  It is a state of blissful optimism.  I am on an art high.    The drawing worked.  My confidence is restored and I’m pleasant company.   I feel inspired to go straight into another drawing and have, in fact, already prepared it today.  It is so much easier to be inspired to do a new piece when the work just completed has overcome its obstacles.  Being on a high doesn’t last any longer than being on a low.  Soon I will even out and be boringly normal again.  However this high is lovely while it lasts.

“Sakura at Dusk” unofficially became “Art Hell” to me . (Art Hell and Art Hell 2 are the posts referring to this.)   Conversely as I’m currently in Art Heaven, to my mind Satohana is my ‘”Blue Angel”.   Rest assured, the lady’s not for burning.

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About juliepodstolski

I am a realist artist who works in coloured pencils.
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17 Responses to Waiting

  1. Robyn Varpins says:

    Such a relaxed pose…and a peaceful composition….very tranquil…cant wait to see it in the flesh

  2. I’m loving your Art Heaven Julie! This drawing is exquisite!

  3. Di Kyle says:

    Hi Julie, How can you be in “Art Hell” when you produce such stunning work?.How much better can you do when you are in “Art Heaven”,it will blow us all away even more, Best wishes Di

  4. Camilla Loveridge says:

    That’s an exquisite work, Julie. I think you sold it at the Soroptimist auction, didn’t you?

    Camilla x

  5. mousy says:

    I love every detail in your drawing and how you captured Satohana’s expression.

  6. Glad to see your back in heaven !!! The highs always out do the lows xx

  7. ATTENTION DEAR READERS: In my original post which I sent out to you, I typed the link to the work in progress page incorrectly. Here is the link which will take you to the work-in-progress of “Waiting”. https://juliepodstolski.wordpress.com/work-in-progress-6-waiting/

  8. Julie, she has turned out beautifully, everything works! I can understand the high – enjoy while it lasts, it’s a very good place to be. Isn’t it funny, no matter how long we have been doing this, our confidence can be shattered by an unsuccessful work, or rejection from an exhibition but goes sky-high again with a sale or successful outcome. But I suppose ‘normal’ is best really, maybe that’s when we can be objective about out own work!

    • Hi Anna, the high finished yesterday when I realised that an older drawing hadn’t worked as I wished it had so I dragged it out of its folder and have been adjusting it ever since. It is a frustrating process – so – I guess this is NORMAL again.
      What you write about our confidence being easily shattered and then soaring at another stage is spot on. That is exactly what I’m trying to convey with these posts. Thanks for putting it so succinctly.

      • Being an artist is a different kind of job, isn’t it? In my day job I am a book designer, and when things go well I am happy, and when they don’t I am frustrated or annoyed, but never the extremes of emotion that I feel with my art. I think it is because one’s art is so personal, and in the end you can’t pass the responsibility on to anyone else. Good luck with the reworking!

  9. Anna, yes, it is personal to the core. On another level, you know that you will never be able to sell a dud piece so any idea of pay for the hours of work has flown out the window.
    By the way, the drawing I have been improving is “Ichifuku san”. It is looking much better now. When it stops raining, I’ll take it outside to photograph so that I can put the improved version on the ‘work-in-progress 2: Ichifuku san’ page.

  10. Ann Kullberg says:

    Beautiful. Love the mood. I saw my first real-life geiko on the streets in Gion in April. But then we went to their Spring Dance. OMG. What an amazing show that was. Incredible!!

  11. Ann, did you go to Kyo Odori or Miyako Odori? I’ve been to four of the five hanamachi’s odori over the years. The only one I haven’t seen yet is Pontocho’s Kamogawa Odori…but its on my list. That one is in May. I’m so glad that you got to an odori. Now can you see why I’m hooked?

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