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Smile, you’re on candid camera

When I go to Kyoto I spend an inordinate amount of time in the streets photographing maiko and geiko.  This post shows thirteen of my favourite ‘candid camera’ photos from my last trip in July 2014.  No doubt some drawings … Continue reading

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The geiko, swathed in fine cloth, passes beneath coarse fabric panels.  She is about to disappear behind the noren curtain into Ichiriki, Kyoto’s most famous teahouse (though it has little to do with tea). An international and insatiable public is gathered outside Ichiriki to see maiko and geiko.  After a long … Continue reading

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Sleepless in Kyoto

I woke at 2.30 on Sunday morning having passed out with exhaustion early the previous evening.  Around midnight there had been a thunderstorm but it was no longer raining.  I was sure I wouldn’t return to sleep so decided to get up and walk.   I was out with my camera at 3.15 knowing … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago when I wrote that I was planning a trip to Kyoto, my good friend Atsushi-san invited me to an ozashiki.  Who would not jump at such an invitation?  I wrote back “YES PLEASE!”  On 27th June … Continue reading

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