Monthly Archives: June 2019

Sunrise Reflected

“Sunrise Reflected”    Coloured pencils,   35 x 35 cm.   June 2019

As I walk home with Matthew late on Saturday night I say to him that I  definitely WON’T get up at the crack of dawn on Sunday (as I had been doing every day so far in Venice) but I will sleep in.  I don’t want to burn the candle at both ends.

“Silent Night” – a drawing from Saturday night when we stayed out late.

However, despite sensible intentions to rest, I fling myself out of bed and out of the apartment before sunrise.  I dash across the Ponte dell’ Accademia and straight onto a southbound vaporetto (water bus).

The sun is rising just as the boat glides away from the stop into the channel of the Grand Canal.   In front of me are the east-facing surfaces of the palazzi (and the vaporetto stop) gleefully reflecting sunrise.  It is a dawn chorus of light – a visual symphony.

After I take a whirlwind of photos from the rear deck, an inspector comes over to check that I have a valid ticket.  I do.  We exchange big smiles.  And all is brilliant with the world.