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Winter Rain

“Winter Rain”
coloured pencils, 24 x 20 cm. October 2019

On the 5th November 2018 unrelenting rain falls over Venice as the tide simultaneously and stealthily rises.  A couple huddles beneath a shared umbrella.


The word fine is synonymous with sun – as if only sunshine can feel fine.  And what words do we use to describe rain?  Miserable, bleak, dreary, and dull are a few that come to mind.

“What a shame, it’s raining.”

NO!  Rainy days can be even more wonderful than sun-filled days.  Notice how reflections of sky and electric lights mirrored, glowing and abstracted in wet pavements.  Look at the full-blown shapes of umbrellas.  (I like umbrellas.)    Wet objects gleam.  Watery colours are luscious.

How about replacing gloomy with dramatic, moody, even romantic?

The “Summer Rain” duo; Verona during a July thunderstorm.