Small Gardens

Wood, stone, screens, plants, maybe a lantern.  It doesn’t take much, except centuries of artistic sophistication, to create evocative welcoming space.  Less is more. The Japanese wrote the book when it comes to style and mood. Here is a tribute to what can be achieved in tiny outdoor spaces – for example outside a front door.  (In other parts of the world lovely potted plants and bonsai trees might vanish from public areas but not in Japan it seems.)

The maiko in yellow is Mamesumi.





Next are three photos featuring Satsuki.




Fifty Shades of Grey 3x


A little more space and some more elements can be introduced…

Here is Yukako in the garden.





And finally…Ichimomo at Baikasai.

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7 thoughts on “Small Gardens

  1. Ann Kullberg

    Oh…you’re making me so homesick, Julie, for Japan! Have always found those same tint “gardens” to be so cheery and delightful…and thoughtful to the passerby…

  2. anna warren portfolio

    There must be a great deal of respect for those little pots and gardens, for them not to be ‘adopted’ by someone. The flowering bonsai are so beautiful. I do like (what I assume to be) the little raincoat on the lantern! The proportions of the photo of the geisha/maiko walking along the path towards the doors are just perfect, and so much lovely detail.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Anna, many of the lanterns wear raincoats. As to the geiko walking toward the garden entrance, this is where many photographers wait during an Erikae walk so that the new geiko can be photographed walking towards their lenses. But I never get a look in as I’m not strategic enough to wait in special spots. However I was the only one around this day so I got a prize.


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