Happy Paris Anniversary

A celebration of what was, is, and what will be…

This weekend one year ago Alicia (middle daughter) and I arrived in Paris.  I am celebrating the anniversary with a slice of “Opera” cake from Wild Bakery (to be eaten later) and a look at the drawings I have done so far from that inspirational trip.

Here is – basically – half an exhibition.  The other half is still to come.

November 2016

“Guiding Lights”
November 2016

“Show Time”
December 2016

“Alone in the Upper Marais”
December 2016

“Nearly Dusk”
December 2016

“Good Morning Paris”
January 2017

“On the Road”
January 2017

“Just a Moment”
January 2017

“The Elegance of the 4th”
April 2017

In Town Tonight
April 2017

“Sideshow Alley”
May 2107

“Once Upon a Wall”
June 2017

“Rhapsody in Gold”
August 2017

September 2017

“Irresistible Blanche”
October 2017

I mentally immerse myself in Paris long after physically returning to Fremantle.  I don’t wish I was still in Paris now.  I am there during the creation of each drawing.  Can one be in two places at once?  Without a doubt.

A photo of Alicia during one of our unforgettable walks together.


12 thoughts on “Happy Paris Anniversary

  1. Camilla Loveridge

    Alicia is looking beautifully French and chic! Ahh… to be that young again! Lovely colours in your works, Julie. You are capturing an atmosphere, space and time in an embracing way😊👌

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Yes, Alicia was my Paris, London and New York accessory. We were in all three great cities together at different times in 2016. I’m glad you feel I’m capturing the atmosphere – I’m certainly trying to.

  2. Mark Westenra

    A fabulous series…..and every day I look at ‘Bus Stop’ (scratched glass on the stop on rue Saint Antoine) in my living room here…..I love it! Same series?

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Mark, so have you got that drawing in Moscow?? It isn’t the same series; that was from around 2011 but this new lot (in this post) are all drawn during this past 12 months. All the source photos for these drawings were taken during October 2016.
      I hope Moscow is treating you well!

  3. Nick Shiroma

    Very enchanting work! Feelings so vast that time and space disappear. And to have loved ones to share, thanks for lifting my spirits!

  4. anna warren portfolio

    Such a great collection of work, very much a ‘body’. (Once Upon a Wall is different, but a counterpoint to the soft edged, broader viewpoint of the others.) The same emotions pervade each one, a sense of impending excitement, with all of them seemingly at the beginning or end of the day. I’m looking forward to seeing the development of the new drawing – and am envying that rather delicious looking Opera cake too!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      The cake, Anna, was out of this world. It was so European – I could have been eating it in Paris or in a grand cafe in Vienna.
      You are right about most drawings being late or early in the day. That is one reason I felt I needed to do this one – full daylight and a side of Paris that is different to the others in the series so far. It is when one has done about half a show that one needs to look to see what aspects are missing.


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