Time and Space

Time and Space
Coloured pencils and oil pastels
280 x 390 mm
December 2017

  • Here  – an erect rose
  • There – bones of the exoskeleton encasing Centre Georges Pompidou
  • Beyond – walls, roofs, spires (Notre Dame) and air

Layers of time.  Forms in space.

16 thoughts on “Time and Space

  1. Nick

    Absolutely amazing! I’m looking at your beautiful painting on New Years Eve and what a great way to look forward to the new year! I am inspired by your vision, thank you Julie and Happy New Year to you and your family and friends ,

  2. Sherry Telle

    I love the layers of focus, they add such depth. The wonderful directional lines leading to the rose within the levels of detail are just masterful! What a good way to end the year! Looking forward to another year of beautiful Julie Podstolski art!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Thanks Sherry and Happy New Year to you. I was initially nervous about this composition (ie the uncropped source photo). I had to ask Matthew if he thought it worked. I got the thumbs up so I set to work. Now that it is complete, I’m so happy I listened to Matt.

  3. anna warren portfolio

    A very nice companion piece to your poppy. There is a lot of strength in a single flower, especially against an urban background, which despite the soft focus is still clearly identifiable as Paris. The body of work is growing for the next exhibition!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Thanks Anna. You’ll know by now that sometimes I go back to the same source photo that I have used for a work in the past. I noted in the Brisbane exhibition that Gerhard Richter also does this. If he thinks he has more to say and can say it in a quite different way, he will return to a previously-used source.
      I first used the source photo in 2012. I wanted to have another go, this time using oil pastels as well. The result is much stronger and more vibrant than the 2012 version – plus I used the source photo uncropped this time as I wanted it to be as much about the view/structure of the forms as about the flower. (And I never got to exhibit the 2012 drawing as it was a private sale.)
      I loved working on this five years after the first one. I think I may never draw a picture with 100% coloured pencils again.

  4. rhodjoy

    Absolutely beautiful as ever, Julie. Looking forward to seeing more of your spectacular work in the new year.

  5. xanderest

    Dear Julie , what an exquisite drawing of a rose ; I know how hard they are to depict.

    Wishing you and Matt a fulfilling and healthy 2018 .

    Love from Judy .

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hmmm, now I’m confused. The rose is the ‘star’ of the drawing – it IS part of the drawing, as opposed to a rose placed in front of a drawing. Judy, is that what you mean?


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