Oh! You Pretty Things

"Oh! You Pretty Things" a drawing of Satsuki with a sheltie dog. 380 x 565 mm. March 2016

“Oh! You Pretty Things”
a drawing of Satsuki with a sheltie dog.
380 x 565 mm.
March 2016

Three weeks ago I wrote  “I Do” – Art Relationships.  The post was about committing to creative endeavours generally and to this drawing in particular.  I admit that I began the drawing with no idea how I was going to pull it off – especially the dog.  After all, one doesn’t know what will be encountered along the way when one starts out on a creative (or any) journey. All one can do is set off well prepared with an open heart and a prayer for safe passage.

Early days of this drawing

Early days of this drawing

Now, late in the month of March, the drawing is completed.  It is a year and a month since my guardian angel put me in the right place at the right time to witness and capture this vision.   In a sense then, there are two journeys – the trip to Japan followed by the journey with coloured pencils and paper.

I have a constant arsenal of songs and tunes in my head.  Some of these are David Bowie songs.  Imagine how much “Oh! You Pretty Things” has gone round and round in my headspace for the duration of this drawing…and even now as I write!

“Oh! You pretty things.  Don’t you know you’re driving your mamas and papas insane.”

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6 thoughts on “Oh! You Pretty Things

  1. anna warren portfolio

    This has turned out so well – once again your great sense of composition and structure anchors the imagery. The detail in the kimono balances the solid, neutral coloured panels throughout the drawing. Satsuki has a Mona Lisa smile – she could be thinking almost anything about the dog, who seems quite oblivious to the beautiful human behind him/her. Her hand is poised – will she bend and pat the dog, or does she have a secret hidden inside her hand? All part of the mystery that keeps the viewer looking.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      The artist (me) also knows the secret in Satsuki’s hand.
      Once again, this is a case that if I had drawn the image in the photo exactly as it was, it wouldn’t have worked so well. The secret is to cull that which is extraneous while keeping and emphasizing the essentials. I know you know that.


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