Transition coloured pencils on Arches Aquarelle 300 gsm smooth January 2016

  217 x 425 mm
January 2016

“Transition” is the second drawing (just finished) from a source photo I took back in 2013. It is the transition; the half-light, between day and evening.  As the natural light fades over Pontocho, so the artificial lights in that narrow lane pop on.  I drew from a smaller section of the composition just a couple of weeks ago and called it “Love Story”.

Love Story 200 x 230 mm 2015

Love Story
200 x 230 mm

This brings me to a chicken and egg story.  Which came first?  I originally thought there was a similarity in spirit between Kyoto and Paris when I did an early drawing of Pontocho back in 2006.  I used to look at “Illuminating Dusk” on my wall and think of Paris.

Illuminating Dusk Drawn in 2006.

Illuminating Dusk
Drawn in 2006.

From 2010 to 2014 I visited Paris several times and drew many Paris drawings which were sometimes out-of-focus and usually emphasizing quality of light.  It was during this period when I visited Kyoto (March 2013).  Because I had light and blurriness on my mind, I took deliberate out-of-focus photos of Kyoto urbanscapes during my stay.

Recently (late 2015) after the terrorist attacks took place in Paris, I looked at images of my French drawings and posted a blog about them.  In light of the attacks, I was reminiscing about my time in that gorgeous city.

Marais Impression 2011

Marais Impression

Scarlet Pigalle 2011

Scarlet Pigalle

Revisiting the Paris drawings answered my what to draw next question last month.  I found myself being irresistibly drawn to the set of blurry Kyoto urbanscapes I had taken in 2013.

Kyoto lights/Paris lights/Kyoto lights.  “What goes around, comes around”.  How often I quote that saying and how relevant it is to my art practice.

Transition small size

To have a look at some of my other out-of-focus drawings, I invite you to view the page “Subject 3: Lights and Blur”  Among other things,  there is a short explanation on how I take out-of-focus photos in case you would like to try taking your own.  Also relevant to today’s post is Subject 1: Kyoto to Paris .

8 thoughts on “Transition

  1. Merilyn Elson

    Looks great Julie – really interesting effect. The viewer can read into it any number of different scenarios. thanks Merilyn

  2. anna warren portfolio

    I am loving this series, and especially this one. The mystery of the blur … The composition is so satisfying, your eye floats to the sky into the mesh of wires above. Everything and nothing is recognisable. It could be Paris, or Kyoto, or one of many northern hemisphere cities, but strangely not Southern Hemisphere. Maybe it is the sense of winter.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      It is funny that when I say I am going to do a series, I do one or two and then suddenly the well seems dry up. This is where I was at yesterday. But I may have just dredged up another. Time will tell! (About a week of time.)
      Oh – that’s a nice comment about hemispheres.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Thanks Karen, about to launch into another – but I’m feeling uncertain. However – I will launch just the same. After all, certainly is boring; at least, ALL the time.


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