Winter Rain

“Winter Rain”
coloured pencils, 24 x 20 cm. October 2019

The word fine is synonymous with sun – as if only sunshine can feel fine.  And what words do we dream up to describe rain?  Miserable, bleak, dreary, and dull are a few that come to mind.  “What a shame, it’s raining.”

NO!  Rainy days can be even more wonderful than sun-filled days.  Notice reflections of sky and electric lights mirrored, glowing and abstracted in wet pavements.  Look at the full-blown shapes of umbrellas.  (I like umbrellas.)    Wet objects gleam.  Watery colours are luscious.

Replace gloomy with dramatic, moody, even romantic; the poetry of precipitation, the wonder of wet-look.

The “Summer Rain” duo; Verona during a July thunderstorm.



4 thoughts on “Winter Rain

  1. anna warren portfolio

    I do agree with you about wet days – there can be drama, mystery, even comfort. Just as a cloudy sky is so much more interesting than a clear blue one, even though the clarity is a sign of sunshine, warmth, being outside. More can be found in the wet, looking out of a wet window distorts the view and adds complexity, shapes can be interpreted differently from in the clarity of sunlight. There are some beautiful patterns here, the umbrellas are echoed in the full-bellied forms of the resting gondolas, and the delicacy of the colour is delicious. We are invited to muse on the story being told.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      The story being told has been somewhat romanticized by me. In truth, it was raining heavily, blowing and very cold. My shoes had failed me so my socks were wet through from wading through deep puddles – a mix of rain and acqua alta. Later in the day I binned my shoes in disgust. However from this distance, looking back, it was all wonderful – and I’m glad I got a drawing out of it.

      1. anna warren portfolio

        Thats the great thing of hindsight isn’t it – remembering the positives is the best way to store memories I think. And sometimes putting ourselves through some discomfort does give unexpected bonuses at the end!

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