Christchurch:  Now’s Good


When is a good time to visit Christchurch?


In 2010 and 2011 Christchurch suffered catastrophic earthquakes.


It still hasn’t recovered.  You can see huge empty spaces right in the city centre.


Perhaps you should have visited prior to 2010.


Perhaps if you wait long enough until you are old, Christchurch’s scars will be completely healed.


It is certainly a city compromised.  But then again, who isn’t compromised in some way; place or person?


Meanwhile, this is Christchurch right now.


The beauty is here…


…all around.   It is up to each of us to find it.


When is a good time to visit Christchurch?  Now’s good.


(See also “Nothing but Flowers” written on 14 January 2016.)

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11 thoughts on “Christchurch: Now’s Good

  1. fuzzydragons

    I went 11?12? years ago and its kind of sad looking on google at the empty spaces there but it was a nice city to spend a few days in and prob still is. The people were friendly, thats the main thing I remember, not the nice buildings 🙂

  2. sherrytelle

    My son was there last year about this time, and when he described the city, he never once described any devastation. He said it was much like San Francisco, only with more character and lovely old buildings. He said “You would love it here Mom” It warms my heart that he seldom sees the negative of any place, only the wonders. Breakfast and a Julie Blog always cause reflection and set up a nice morning.

  3. Jeannie

    I love this blog, both its words and its images. Heavenly photos and such meaningful text. It all says so much to me.

  4. anna warren portfolio

    There is such a European feel to these photos – maybe the tulips, maybe the mountains. Renewal takes a long time, it must be hard on the residents of Christchurch. But clearly there is still much beauty to be found, and there is a symbolism in the burst of colour of spring flowers.

  5. Paula Woodward

    We visited Christchurch in November 2011. The damage was very raw then. We were travelling around the South Island on the Intercity Coaches. They were operating out of a small shipping container. We were sorry not to have been able to see more of Christchurch. I had previously been there in 1968 and my husband in the 1990s. Such a pretty city.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      I do hope you return one day, Paula. Post-earthquake, I didn’t see Christchurch until 2013 and it has changed quite a lot since then with some glamorous new buildings. Even so, there is a great deal of open space which, when you were there, would still have been packed with crumpled wrecks of buildings.


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