Silent Night

“Silent Night”
coloured pencils, 32.5 x 29 cm. May 2019

Late on Saturday night there are people partying in Venice.  We walk past a hot-spot where there is a silent disco on the campo.  (Silent? Yes, the dancers are all wearing headphones – a surreal sight.)

We continue on our journey, navigating ourselves deep into the peace of Dorsoduro.

No cars, not even the hum of far-away traffic.  It is a profound silence, broken only by the soft thuds of shoes on stone and perhaps a voice carried on the breeze.

And shortly after this, we find ourselves lost once again.  But we don’t mind.




10 thoughts on “Silent Night

  1. xanderest

    Exquisite drawing , Julie .

    I magnified the image and was amazed at the detail ,especially of the chair legs – such a complicated pattern – and of the fellow’s lit phone . To portray the bright light is an incredible skill of tonal depiction .

    Thanks for sharing – I don’t need to go to Venice !

    Love , Judy .

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Judy – I wasn’t looking forward to doing those chairs so I put them off till the very last thing. I practically went cross-eyed trying to differentiate chair legs from paving stones. They were challenging.

  2. Sherry Telle

    I love your stories as much as I love your work. I love your use of colour and only dream of being this proficient with colour. This takes chiaroscuro to a whole new level. This is my new favourite Julie Podstolski!

  3. anna warren portfolio

    I have just visited a Bill Henson exhibition. The power in his work is in the image emerging from the dark, light indicating parts of (in his case) of human figures, or ancient buildings. You have captured the same quality in this drawing, that sense of mystery, but with a warmth that is not evident in his work. I am finding it hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about this drawing I love so much, it could be many things, or just a combination that makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts. On a technical level, your eye is drawn along a wonderful zig zag through the centre of the scene, leading us from crisp fine detail to the soft edged distance. The little figure in the blue coat is very important, adding to the story. Maybe that is what it is, just an invitation to join in the story.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Anna – hi again. Yes, isn’t that blue figure essential, as is the guy with the phone. He simply swooshed into my shot as I was taking it – photo-bombing the composition. Both of the figures were absolutely perfectly placed. I admit I took several photos (as I usually take a few at once). However this one with the two figures was THE one. Can you see two more tiny figures crossing one of the bridges? There were a couple more people chatting on the far left of the source photo but I cropped them right out of it as less is more.
      As I said to a comment on FB, older people like me walk around with maps while younger people navigate on their phones.

  4. Robyn Varpins

    the composition leads you into the picture in a very satisfying way. very warm and comforting. and beautiful of course.

  5. Tomasz Rusinowicz

    Dear Julie,
    Thank you very much for A Retrospective of Colored Pencil Artworks. When I looked at your works, I have seen a young girl with pencils. A half year ago I helped to organize the Bogumil Podstolski’s exhibition. You can see some of his works in Google. Max’s sons were very close with his family.
    All the best,

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hello Tomek, I was very happy to send you and Michael a book each. I remember both of you being at our Grandparents’ apartment when I was 11 years old and drawing with coloured pencils. It is a strong memory. Michael’s book is waiting for him in Canada. I have not seen the book myself yet as it is still en route to Australia.
      As for Max’s sons, his younger son, Kazimir, is in Perth right now. He is working here for a while. In fact I collected him and his partner from the airport yesterday.
      Love to you from Julie


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