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Jacques Russell

There are trips where one boards an aeroplane and flies somewhere in real time.  Then there are trips of the mind where one meanders from one drawing to another and ends up far away from embarkation point.   After drawing a series of Australian birds in late 2013, now … Continue reading

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“Tableau: a group of models or motionless figures representing a scene.” Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary.  What does this scene represent?  To me it speaks of domesticity; the never-ending care of others…especially if one is a woman.   It isn’t a complaint.  It’s … Continue reading

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Saphie’s Last Post

Our cat, Saphie, breathed her last breath this morning just after midnight.  Here is a photographic tribute to her.  The images are nearly all taken from scanned photographs out of my album so their quality is a bit rough.  However, … Continue reading

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A Fog over London

While I am in the midst of scorching summer heat, I can cool my thoughts by reflecting back on a wintry morning in London.  On December 11th I decided to explore London Bridge Borough.  I secured a seat upstairs at the front of the 141 bus from … Continue reading

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