On the Waterfront

"On the Waterfront" Coloured pencil drawing. 275 x 525 mm. October 2013.

“On the Waterfront” Coloured pencil drawing.
275 x 525 mm. October 2013.


The same day that I lay flat on the concrete in order to photograph a tern (which became the subject of the drawing “Just Landed’) I also photograped several seagulls.  It was extremely windy which is why many birds were taking shelter by standing at ground level rather than flying.

“On the Waterfront” has become the third drawing of my Fremantle bird series.  Putting a bird into the picture allows me to incorporate the industrial shapes and colours of a working port but not in a bland hard edged way.  It isn’t easy to get the compositions though.  First, I require a bird; second, it needs to be in the right position for me to get the view I want; third, somehow I have to visually navigate my way around three bridges which slash across the landscape of East Fremantle – annoying me very much!  In fact working on this series I now remember why I stopped drawing birds on the waterfront last time (several years ago).  While I rather like the old wooden bridge in this drawing, the newer traffic bridge looking across to East Fremantle is just plain boring.  Much as it is useful when I want to drive somewhere, it interferes with my river view!    You can see the lower level of that bridge in “Take Me to the River”.    I managed to censor most of it out of the drawing.

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4 thoughts on “On the Waterfront

  1. juliepodstolski Post author

    Today neither of the two photos on this post was visible in the email send-out. Only the captions were there. I am hoping that WordPress will figure out eventually what is going on here!
    Next Day: I have the answer as to why my images didn’t come through on the email notification. Brandon, from WordPress, worked it out. It was because I was putting double quotation marks within the caption. Those “…” were the problem. I’m so happy that the riddle is solved. Thank you, Brandon!!!


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