Subject 5: Birds in a landscape

“Birds in a landscape” is my ongoing series.  It started in September 2013.  I will add new images to this page as the drawings continue (in descending order from first drawing to latest drawing).  Each of these drawings has its own post.

The idea to look at the waterfront around Fremantle came to me in a dream.  Until my September 2013 dream I thought that I’d finished with this subject years ago.  It is wonderful to come back to it with fresh eyes as well as new techniques.   The last bird drawing prior to this series was in 2006 though most of them were around 2000/2001.  The complete series of drawings can be viewed on my website

"Just Landed" portrait of a tern down at the port of Fremantle. 215 x 272 mm. Completed on 25th September 2013.
“Just Landed”  September 2013.
"Take Me to the River" 240 x 525 mm, completed on 2nd October 2013.
“Take Me to the River” October 2013.
"On the Waterfront" 275 x 525 mm. Completed on 17th October 2013.
“On the Waterfront”  October 2013.
"La Danse" coloured pencil drawing, 260 x 315 mm. November 2013.
“La Danse”  November 2013.
Eye Catcher Mixed media on pescia paper. 285 x 305 mm. November 2013. An oystercatcher on the sand at Point Walter, Western Australia.

“Eye Catcher”  November 2013.

More Recent birds –

"Port Side" 2016
“Port Side” 2016
"The Humble Seagull" 2016
“The Humble Seagull” 2016
"Liberation" 2016
“Liberation”  2016
"Rain Bird" 2017
“Rain Bird”  2017
"Transit Lounge" 2017
“Transit Lounge”  2017
“Just Looking”  2017
“Stepping Out”  2017
“Surveillance”  March 2017
“Port Authority”  July 2017
“Treading the Boards”  August 2017

And in Paris…

“City Slicker”  November 2017
And Venice…
“An Italian Dream” October 2019

And Rome…

“Look Out” – on Palatine Hill, December 2019
“All the World’s a Stage” August 2020

Back to Western Australia…

“You Are Here” March 2021
“Morning on the Swan River” May 2021
“Sunset Flight” July 2021.
“This Little Bird” September 2021.
“Little Brother is Watching You” October 2021
“Honey Pie” November 2021
“Welcome to the Water Dish” November 2021
“October Arrivals” November 2021
“Blue Muse” December 2021
“Girl Power” December 2021
“Small Wonder” December 2021
“Up at Sunrise” January 2022
“Box Seat” February 2022
“Beautiful Bird” February 2022
“Good Day Sunshine” April 2022
“Peekaboo” May 2022
“If a Japanese Lantern were a Bird” May 2022
“Diagonals” June 2022
“Verandah Resident” July 2022
“Forest and Bird” July 2022
“Wow Factor” July 2022
“On the Lookout” August 2022
“The Prettiest Star” September 2022
“All is Calm” October 2022
“Colour My World” November 2022.
“Double Happy” December 2022
“Ready to Fly” January 2023
“Under the Rose Bush” January 2023
“Radiant Guest” March 2023
“Winter Bird” April 2023

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