Low Mixed media drawing. 290 x 320 mm. January 2014.

Mixed media drawing.
290 x 320 mm. January 2014.

Having immersed myself in street art recently I am keen to make a few street art-related drawings.   “Low” is the first.  It is not just the art itself which interests me but its immediate surroundings.  Cracked concrete, rusty pipes, torn paper, tagging and filth all become part of my composition.  Elegance and random gunk rub up against one another making for a composition of contrasts.

I found this paste-up in an emtpy fenced-off lot in Soho, New York.  It was a little bit of poignancy within an area of derelict nothingness.   The little paste-up cockroach at the bottom right of the drawing was right at home here!

I named the drawing after David Bowie’s album “Low” which I was listening to while drawing this.  The melancholy sound was a perfect accompaniment to the vision.  This is drawn with coloured pencils, oil pastels and wax crayons.

February 2014:  “Low” has been reviewed by Erica Lindsay Walker, Vice President, Education Chair of Pencil Art Society in Canada.  See the article here

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3 thoughts on “Low

  1. anna warren portfolio

    The title is perfect for this – almost serendipity the way it came to you. I like the background too – so many layers and evidence of years of people and neglect. There are all sorts of interesting ideas suggested by your drawing of someone else’s drawing on the wall which is a drawing itself created by no-one in particular …


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