Colour My World

“Colour My World” version 2 – water-soluble pastels and coloured pencils, 29 x 32 cm. November 2022.

In August I did a drawing which I called “Colour My World”. You can see it below – at least – a photo of it pasted into my art journal. The drawing itself is no more. After much deliberation I decided it was claustrophobic and I couldn’t bear it.

Part of a page in my art journal photographed.

I was sorry to have ripped up the bird because I liked him and the title (just not the rest of it). So I decided to try this subject again. I delved through my photos from that April day.

This time I cropped the container sculpture. The bird looks away from the viewer towards the morning sun. To my way of thinking the new drawing looks expansive, light and airy. It doesn’t suffer from (my perceived) sense of cramped space as the first one did.

I was plagued by doubt while working on the new drawing thinking it might also fail, however I kept going and in the end I have a sense of triumph. What’s more – Matthew likes it – and that’s the main thing!

12 thoughts on “Colour My World

  1. Joy Rhodes

    Beautiful, Julie! And I love your little messages to yourself on the old drawing, now sadly in the big old portfolio in the sky … or wherever – regardless of your dislike of it, I think quite a few of us liked it! But then of course, I think all artists have a few drawings/paintings they can’t bear – I know I do!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Joy, I probably could have sold the first piece because I knew some people liked it very much…especially because a lot of people like the rainbow sculpture. However, think of the first piece as being – in spirit – enfolded into the second piece.

  2. Robyn Varpins

    You are completely right, the bird was dominated by the containers and not the focal point. Brave to tear it up.

  3. Jean Davies

    Well done! Repositioning the bird, and making the background a little more fuzzy has made a wonderful difference!

  4. anna warren portfolio

    This is so interesting – I liked the ripped-up version of the drawing, but this one is much better, it is a very good drawing. As you say, it is open and airy, a sense of space and freedom. The sculpture is still there but no longer looms over the bird – it is free! Knowing other people have artworks that don’t work, or don’t work to the artist’s satisfaction, is such a useful support to others. I do have a firm belief that the only critic an artist should actively please is the artist herself. Bravo for making the hard decision! (I don’t usually tear mine up, they get buried in a drawer and if possible incorporated into something new, but there are times they hit the bin!)

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Anna! I happened to see the photo of the ripped drawing in my journal yesterday when I was looking back for something else – and felt quite kindly towards it. Whereas if it was still around ‘in the flesh’ its faults would irk me. Does that make sense?
      I did not enjoy working on the new drawing at all. I kept thinking it would have all the same problems. It is a lesson to me that a successful drawing need not necessarily be one that I loved making. I particularly like this new one even though its conception was so painful.
      Conversely I’ve had drawings that I loved every minute of making which ultimately failed.

      1. anna warren portfolio

        I can understand the concern over the new drawing – its closeness to the previous one would permeate. But I agree, so often ones you struggle with end up happily, whereas others that you love do not. Interesting to feel warmly towards the ripped up one though!

      2. juliepodstolski Post author

        The warmth felt now towards the ripped-up drawing is easy when I am only looking at a 4 x 6 inch photo-reproduction of it. Viewed as such it is no longer an affront.

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