“Himself” a drawing of Biko. 29 x 32 cm. February 2023

His owner described him once to me as “The King of South Fremantle”. This is Biko; the cat with complete self-assurance. Nothing fazes him. He is my friend – and as soft and stroke-able as he looks!

He wears a collar now but back in 2021 when I took a photo of him (to draw from one day in the future) he’d accidentally-on-purpose ‘lost’ it. That cat!


14 thoughts on “Himself

      1. Cailleache

        Well of course, from Cat’s point of view, far from being a ‘nice change’, it’s the Ultimate Consummation’ of your art!

  1. xanderest

    Love that cat , Julie ! Your incredible skill with the whites continues to floor me ; I mean THOSE WHISKERS !


      1. Joy

        Ha ha – Never, Julie! It sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful exhibition…where are you exhibiting; in the same place? Would love to attend this one…and I’d like to see if you hide any more cats in there (I love cats, too)

      2. juliepodstolski Post author

        Yes, same place, at EARLYWORK in South Fremantle. No more hidden cats; just one. I will be putting out lots of information about the exhibition when the time is right.

  2. anna warren portfolio

    That is a cat with supreme self-confidence, no messing with him! He is a beauty, and such a great composition, his head framed against the window. The blue weatherboards could so easily have been a distraction, but they aren’t, they actually complement Biko’s colouring, bringing attention to the blue-white of his fur. He will be a worthy addition to the birds!

    Many apologies for the late comment, we have just returned from our camping trip. Commenting via my phone is a huge challenge!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hello Anna, you caught me an hour and twenty minutes before we leave for the airport! I knew you were away…and yes, I also can’t cope with the challenge of commenting on blogs from a phone.
      I have been wanting to do this drawing for 24 months. But I kept telling myself it would be politically incorrect to have a cat among all those birds. However it is a fact of life that beautiful things eat other beautiful things. Biko fits the exhibition very much from the point of view that he IS a local love story (so many locals stop and stroke him) and that’s the title of the show “Home & Heart – local love stories”. In any case, he’s going in! He is off being framed at present.
      I’m glad he is to be part of the exhibition as he really is a very special PUSS.


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