Photo by Lyn DiCiero; Artist's Chronicle
Photo of Julie Podstolski  by Lyn DiCiero; Artist’s Chronicle, 2014

Born in Wellington, New Zealand on 31 July 1959.  Diploma of Fine Arts (major in Painting) University of Canterbury, New Zealand 1978 – 80.  Came to Australia in 1982.

Solo Exhibitions

2021 “An Italian Dream” will be at Early Work Gallery, 8-18 April.

2018  “Remember Paris”  at Early Work Gallery, 8-23 September .

2017  “Entranced” Kidogo Arthouse, Bathers Beach, Fremantle  7-20 September

2016  “Fascination: Maiko, Geiko, Kyoto” Early Work Gallery, South Fremantle

2014  “Life is Beautiful: Fremantle, Kyoto, Paris”  Elements Art Gallery (5 – 21.9.14)

2012  “Paris en hiver” Elements Art Gallery, Dalkeith, W.A.

2010  “Geisha: The Allure of Mystique” Kingfisher Gallery, West Perth, W.A.

2007  “Spirited Away”  The Old Royal George Gallery, East Fremantle, W.A.

2005  “Geisha: Then and Now” Gallery East, North Fremantle, W.A.

2004  “Street Theatre” Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, W.A.

2004  “Sign and Place” Allegory Gallery, Christchurch, New Zealand.

2001  “Poles Apart” joint exhibition with Max Podstolski, Gadfly Gallery, W.A.

2000  “Seeing the Light” Gadfly Gallery, Dalkeith, W.A.

1992  “Look Listen See”  Merilyn Saville Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand

1990  “Suburbs and Islands”  Balmain Watch House, Sydney, NSW

1989  “Urban Landscapes”  Denison Sculpture Studio, Sydney, NSW

Art Awards

2020   CPSA 28th International Exhibition.   $800 Award for Outstanding Achievement for “Silent Night”.

2020   COLORED PENCIL Magazine 2020 Art Competition:  1st Prize for “Oh! You Pretty Things”

2017  City of Stirling Art Award & Exhibition 2017:  Drawing Prize ($800) for “Once Upon a Wall”

2015   CPSA “Explore This! 11” $2000 Best in Show Award for “Step by Step”

           Colored Pencil Society of America “Spring ArtSpectations” Honorable Mention

           City of Wanneroo Art Awards 2015: Works on Paper Commendation ($500) for “Diamonds”.

           Colored Pencil Society of America “Spring ArtSpectations” Honorable Mention

           Ann Kullberg’s 15th Annual CP Magazine Member Art Show (US) 3rd prize

2013  Colored Pencil Society of America “Fall ArtSpectations” Honorable Mention

2012  Ann Kullberg’s 13th Annual CP Magazine Member Art Show (US) Best in Show

2011  City of Belmont Art Award: Winner – Acquisitive Open Art Award for “Dichotomy”

2010  Minnawarra Art Exhibition: Acquisition by City of Armadale for “Singapore Bling”

           City of Canning Art Award:  Highly Commended “Red on a Grey Street”

           City of Wanneroo Art Awards:  Highly Commended “Au Revoir”

2009  City of Bayswater Art Awards: 1st prize “Out and About on a Gion Afternoon”

           Minnawarra Art Award:  Highly Commended for “Lit Up”

           Bankwest Open Art Award at Perth Royal Show 2009: Award of Merit

2008  City of Belmont Art Award: Open Acquisitive award for “A Moment Caught”

            Victoria Park Art Awards:  Highly Commended “A Brief Stop”

            Trinity College Old Boys Art Exhibition: President’s Award – 1st prize.

2007:  Victoria Park Art Awards: Ist Prize for “Candid”

             City of Belmont Art Awards:  Highly Commended “Wires and Light”

2006:  City of Belmont Art Awards: Acquisition of “Painted” by City of Belmont

             York Art and Craft Awards: Heritage, Drawing, and Highly Commended

2004  Minnawarra Art Award:  Highly Commended for “Closed Mondays”

            York Art and Craft Awards: Drawing award for “Urban Scrawl”

2003  City of Bayswater: Public Choice award for “Track and Field”

            York Art and Craft Awards:   Drawing Award for “Out of the Night”

             City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Art Award: Highly Commended

             City of Rockingham Art Award: Maritime/Marine award

2002  York Art and Craft Award: Drawing award and Highly Commended

            Perth Royal Show Open Art Exhibition: Highly commended

            Rockingham Regional Art Award: Best Painting of a Rural Nature

            City of Belmont Art Awards:  Highly Commended “Beaufort Street”

            City of Bayswater Art Awards: Highly Commended “In Green Pastures”

            City of Wanneroo: Works on paper award and acquired by City “Signs of the Time”

            City of Wanneroo: Painting award for “You Caught My Eye”

            City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder:  Honorable Mention “Red Light District”

2001  City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder: Landscape/Seascape award “Watch this Space”

           City of Melville: Drawing Award – “Pigeon’s Progress”

           City of East Fremantle:  People’s Choice Award for “All This”

           City of York Art Award: Highly Commended for “All This”

           City of Gosnells: Contemporary Award for “Rous Head”

2000  Woolstores “Connected to Fremantle” Art Award – first prize and Packers award.

            City of Gosnells: Contemporary Award for “Deconstruction” and highly commended

            York Society Art and Craft Awards: Highly Commended “Let There Be Light”

            Town of East Fremantle: Local Artist award for “C1703 at Fremantle”

1998  City of Melville Art Awards: Highly Commended “Here and Beyond”

           City of Gosnells: Works on Paper award for “The Reflective Garden”

           Town of East Fremantle Art Awards: Local Artist Award for “Blue City”

           City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Art Prize: Drawing Award for “Autumn Thought’

           City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder: People’s Choice award for “Glass Still Life”

1997  City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder:  Drawing award for “Enchanted April”



“Drawing Magazine” Spring 2015: Colored Pencil Competition Winners – pgs 18-19.

“Crayons de Couleurs, le mag” Entrevue avec Julie Podstolski.  Vol. 6, no 1. Avril 2015.

“Artist’s Chronicle” no 160 March/April.  Bulletin (Page 13) article about my CPSA award.

“To the Point” Vol: 24, No. 2 – June 2015.  On the Cover: “Step by Step”, the CPSA Explore This! 11 EXPY and CPSA Great Explorations Best in Show winner.  Meet the artist (page 30) and

“To the Point” Vol: 24, No. 2 –  June 2015.  “The Importance of Backgrounds” by J Podstolski, page 44.


“Artist’s Chronicle” no 156 July/August.  “Coloured Pencils Across the World” by Lyn DiCiero.  Feature article about “Life is Beautiful” exhibition.

“The Post” Newspaper.  “Beauty Captured in Pencil” by Sarah McNeill.  September 6.


“CP Treasures Volume II: Colored Pencil Masterworks from Around the Globe” edited by Ann Kullberg ISBN-13:978-1494248291


“The Gazette” August 14th.  “Inclemency Adds Interest: Artist braves rain and snow” by Lyndsey Wetton.  Press release about “Paris en hiver” exhibition.

“Skywest” magazine, August.  “Art de Triomphe: Paris in Pencil – Julie Podstolski’s emotive artworks” by Lucy Stanley.  “Exhibiting in Perth this spring, Julie Podstolski’s realistic drawings capture the luminous essence of Paris.”

“Artist’s Chronicle” issue 146.  “Paris en hiver: Braving the bitter wind, rain, snow and fog of Paris in winter, Julie Podstolski finds a new muse.” by Lyn DiCiero.

“Ann Kullberg’s Magazine for Colored Pencil Artists” December.  “My Solo Exhibition: Paris en hiver” by Julie Podstolski.

“CP Treasures: Colored Pencil Masterworks from Around the Globe” edited by Ann Kullberg  ISBN 978-0-9850610-0-5


“Artist’s Chronicle” no 133 July/August.  “Geisha: The Allure of Mystique” by Lyn DiCiero.  “Julie Podstolski explores the mystery of Japan’s unique but declining icons at Kingfisher Gallery.”

“Cockburn Gazette” August 31st.  “Japan Images Enchant Julie” by Laura Tomlinson.

“The West Australian” September 15th.  “Mysterious and Magical Geisha Caught on Canvas” by Lyn DiCiero.

“Western Suburbs Weekly” 21st September.  “Land of the Rising Sun Inspires” by Sara Fitzpatrick.

“The Japan Australia News” October. “The Allure of Mystique”

“The West Australian”  October 8th.  “Home Truths in Exotica” by Ric Spencer.  Review of “Geisha: The Allure of Mystique” exhibition.


“Hiroba” Newsletter: Consulate-General of Japan – Perth, WA.  September edition.  “Coloured Pencil Artist Draws on Japanese Inspiration”.


“Fremantle Gazette”  August 21st.  “Artist Pencils in Top Vic Park Prize” article about “Candid” winning art award.

“Southern Gazette Community” August 21st “Candid Response to Geisha Girl” article about “Candid” winning art award.

“Fremantle Herald” November 3rd.  “Going Geisha” article about “Spirited Away” exhibition.

“Melville Gazette: November 15th.  “Singapore Spirit on Show” by Fleur Mason.  Article about “Spirited Away” exhibition.


“West Australian” 12th January.  “Floating World Delights” by Ron Banks.  Article about “Geisha Then and Now” at Gallery East.

“Fremantle Gazette” 25th January.  “Sheer Beauty of the Geisha” press release for “Geisha Then and Now” exhibition.

“Australian Artist” no 256, October 2005.  Feature “Poetry with Pencils” by Julie Podstolski.


“The Press” newspaper, Christchurch, 17th July.  “Sign and Place by Julie Podstolski” in “Art Beat – the Arts Editor’s Highlights.”

“Artist’s Chronicle” no 96.  “Street Theatre – Inspired by Japan” by Lyn DiCiero on Julie Podstolski exhibition “Street Theatre”.

“Box Magazine” issue 3, Winter.  “Pencil Perfect” article about Julie Podstolski’s work.

“Fremantle Herald” June 12th.  “Urban Artfare” by Warren Hately, Herald Arts page.


“Remembering: Women Working for Women” ISBN 0-646-42479-3 Published by Artist’s Chronicle for Soroptimist International of Fremantle.

“West Australian” July 24th “Art Reflects Life in Family Help”.


“Artist’s Chronicle” no 79.  Article on “Poles Apart” exhibition by Lyn DiCiero.

“West Australian” 23rd June.  Review of “Poles Apart” exhibition by David Bromfield.

“Artseen”  Review of “Poles Apart” by Judith McGrath.

“Fremantle Herald” 9th June.  Herald Arts Page: Press release of “Poles Apart” by Matt Chambers.


“Fremantle Herald” 25th November.  Herald Arts Page.  “Podstolski Wins with Men” – article about “Woolstores” Art Prize.

Other Art Experience

2013 – Judged Ann Kullberg’s 14th Annual CP Magazine Member Art Show (USA)

2009 – Gave “Japanese Journey” floortalk at “Japonisme” exhibition, Preston Street Artspace, Perth.

2004 – Presented two day coloured pencil workshop at Fremantle Arts Centre

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