A Small Act of Love

“A Small Act of Love”
212 x 308 mm
coloured pencils and oil pastels. June 2018

“A Small Act of Love” is the second drawing I have made from a single source photo.  When the first drawing “Just a Moment” sold last year I was both happy and sad; happy as it is always a pleasure when a drawing sells; sad because it was destined to be a part of my “Remember Paris” collection – to be shown in September 2018.

“Just a Moment”
Coloured pencils, drawn January 2017.

Recently as I was reviewing the “Remember Paris” drawing collection so far, I once again mourned the loss of “Just a Moment”.   However I saw the possibility of a second chance as I had cropped the composition the first time.  This time I would draw from the entire photo – making a whole new composition.  And I would use oil pastels as well as coloured pencils.  (You can compare the two pieces – above and below – here.)

“A Small Act of Love”  June 2018
coloured pencils and oil pastels.

The thing is, I want my exhibition of drawings to be more than merely sumptuous views of Paris.  My aim is to show a wide range of her personality traits.  The essential ingredient of this piece is intimacy – an everyday moment of a mother assisting her child.

Last weekend I visited one of Australia’s major art galleries.  I felt like I was in a void while I viewed the traditional and modern grandiose works.  What was my place in art?  Did I have one?  Back home again, finishing off this drawing gave me a sense of perspective.  Perhaps this is my place in art; what I do day after day is a small act of love.

Note:  The drawing is made to be seen from across a room so it is a good idea to stand back a few paces from the top image…and then it makes sense.

8 thoughts on “A Small Act of Love

  1. Stefan2009

    I’m so obsessed by the world of geisha that at first I see a katsura in the middle of your picture instead of a (probably) mom and her child ^^; !

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Oh dear, Stéphanie, it turns out your second guess is the correct one – a (probable) mother and her child. I’m not even going to try to see your first thought – as I may then never be able to UN-see it.

  2. Robyn Varpins

    the change of name gives it a whole different feel….more affectionate, and charming. Like your feelings for Paris maybe…memories are usually warmer from a distance.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Memories – interesting point, Robyn. They do certainly colour an event one way or another. I was moved by this scene when I saw it and certainly acted quickly to capture it in my camera.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Kathryn, I like my answer too as it is quite comforting to a lost soul. I didn’t mind feeling totally lost in the gallery on Sunday (I feel the same when I read art history). It is a kind of acceptance but it was nice to experience a light bulb moment when this drawing came together. In a word – humility.

  3. anna warren portfolio

    I remember ‘Just a Moment’ and enjoyed that simple intimacy, an act every mother does without even thinking about it, bending to their child, maybe speaking, maybe adjusting an item of clothing. It is an ephemeral moment, delightfully captured. The soft focus adds to this, so we (the viewer) can make our own story. This drawing is just as delightful, but has a different quality, with the changed format. I also enjoy the fact that you interpret your source photo and add something new each time.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Interestingly, both times I struggled very much with the drawing in the early-to-mid stages. Needed all my self-control to keep going. It was only in the final stages that I enjoyed the process for each piece. Mid-piece crisis x 2.


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