Love is in the Air

"Le Georges Rose" 2012

“Le Georges Rose” 280 x 290 mm, 2012

The drawing “Le Georges Rose” sold today.    It was purchased as a Valentine’s Day gift, a fact that makes me feel happy.  Unlike purchasing a live red rose, this rose will stay fresh for years and perhaps be handed down to the next generation.  Some time later today the drawing will be  handed over by my buyer to his loved one.

I wonder if the buyer has been to Le Georges Restaurant at the Pompidou Centre?  I would love to know.  (Maybe he will tell me.)

I was at the top of the escalators at The Pompidou Centre in Paris last October.  I noticed that the double doors leading to the outdoor area of Le Georges Restaurant were open.  Perhaps this meant that people NOT eating at the restaurant were allowed to go out to look at the views.   I stepped out.  There were a few people outside also looking at views and taking photos.  Nobody was stopping them.

I quickly set to, trying to decide what to photograph.  On each table was a single red rose in a vase.  I decided to photograph rose + view.  First I had to turn the flower I selected to face me.  I moved a couple of chairs to be out of the way and repositioned the rose.  I took several photos.

Very soon after I had taken my photos and was pondering on what to take next, a waiter came outside to shoo me (and the others) away.  In English (how did he know I wasn’t French)? he said that this was private property.  I replied “I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself.  It is so beautiful.”  He smiled.  Perhaps he was also an artist, working as a waiter on the side?

My husband does not believe in Valentine’s Day.  Therefore I rarely think about it.  When I was younger I used to hope for a valentine.  On one memorable occasion he was away from home and I had hinted, perhaps by phone, that it was Valentine’s Day.

In the late afternoon a delivery van pulled up outside our house.  A man got out holding a big bouquet of flowers.  My heart skipped a beat.  Could it be?  I watched as he … took the flowers next door.  Ahhh.  But.. then he came back and knocked on MY DOOR.  With my heart in my mouth I answered the door.  ‘Matthew, could you have?…’ I thought.

“Your neighbour isn’t home so would you mind taking delivery of these?” I was asked.

I had to laugh – and chalk it up as a good story to tell.

Matthew travels a great deal for work.   At each homecoming I wait for him in the International Arrivals area of Perth Airport.  He comes through the ‘Do Not Enter’ doors.  His face scans the hall (every time), then sees my face and smiles.

It is always like that.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Matthew!

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5 thoughts on “Love is in the Air

  1. Robyn Varpins

    that has got to be the best Valentine’s expression of love…just perfect.
    Both the beautiful picture and your story

  2. Sabrina

    When I first read the title you gave to your drawing, I thought you wrote “Le Georgeous Rose” !
    Because It is indeed a gorgeous one 😉

    Love your story as well! Hope you enjoy the day.

  3. Jody Clarke

    You write so well Julie, I love reading your posts.
    This is a somewhat belated but Mal and I want to thank you and Matthew for a wonderful night at The Red Herring.

    Sent from my iPad


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