Just a Moment

"Just a Moment" A mother-and-child moment at St. Paul in the Marais. January 2017.

“Just a Moment”
A mother-and-child moment at St. Paul in the Marais.
January 2017.

In my drawing “Just a Moment” a mother bends down to attend to her child.   Perhaps a small jacket is being buttoned up, tears wiped, nose blown, or reassurance given.  A mother’s life is made up of ‘just moments’ – tiny insignificant events which add up to years of loving care.

I was meandering through St. Paul Village in the Marais on my way home for lunch after a very long walk.  I became aware of a mother and child who were walking at the same slow pace as me.  The little child was crying and crying –  wailing words in junior French.  At that time of day he may have been on his way home from daycare.  I felt for both; the forlorn child protesting at his lot, and the mother who plodded patiently alongside.

I thought about each of my daughters; Emily, Alicia and Lucy, when they had been little children…that plaintive cry, “Carry me“.  Going deeper into my memory I WAS the child, tired and demanding,  “Carry ME!”

Somehow the two figures crossed the road and walked away, perhaps while I was distracted by shop windows.  I looked into the middle distance and there they were – a perfect little composition.  Even the red ‘sauf’ sign was just right for me – a surrogate Japanese lantern.  I took a photo then continued on my way.

This was just a moment in the lives of all three of us.


On reflection, each and every pencil mark is a moment too – so many moments gathered together to make up a whole drawing.

6 thoughts on “Just a Moment

  1. anna warren portfolio

    This is lovely, a very sweet image. It is totally clear what the story is even though it is in soft focus. Somehow I think the softness adds to it, it may even have been sentimental if it could be read clearly – we don’t know what the mother’s face is like, or what the child’s response is, we can tell our own story.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      It’s true; we don’t know. The mother could have been threatening the child – “Wait till I tell your father!!” However because I observed the two of them when they had been walking near me, I am speculating that it was a gentle interaction.

  2. Nick

    The light, designs, and perspective are full of life. The soft focus adds to the depth and the subject of “ordinary moments”, which I agree are so important in our lives! Thanks for another great picture.


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