Urbane Saint Germain

“Urbane Saint Germain”  Coloured pencils, 208 x 240 mm.  July 2018

A small piece of Saint Germain des Prés I have photographed and drawn many times is a corner where rue de l’Echaudé splits off from rue de Seine.

For this piece I have to wait patiently for a person to walk into my frame.  Who is it?  It could be male or female (perhaps it is you) though I sense my subject has a European air – as urbane as the surroundings.    Having drawn the streets so many times in great detail, this time I seek only an impression.

Below are more drawings of this immediate area, drawn at intervals over several years.

“The Liberation of Art” drawn in April, this will also be in the “Remember Paris” exhibition in September 2018.

“Rhapsody in Blue” 2014

“de bonne heure” 2012

“Rue de l’Échaudé” 2014

Quiet 2013

“Paris en hiver” 2011

“Urbane Saint Germain” is the final drawing for the “Remember Paris” exhibition this coming September.  To view the catalogue of 30 drawings, their descriptions and prices, click here.






5 thoughts on “Urbane Saint Germain

  1. anna warren portfolio

    This is a beautiful drawing – I love the muted tones, with pops of colour. It is somehow very sophisticated. So interesting to see your other interpretations of this corner – each one so different, quite unique, each with its own story – time of day, time of year, weather. Running my eye over them again, I can appreciate each one, but I think this new one is my favourite. Almost a whole exhibition from just one corner – such a nice idea!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Doesn’t it show that you don’t have to include every bit of detail to get a message across?! I agree that I like this latest one the best. It seems like many people like that fork in the road because all the drawings in that list sold quickly (excepting “The Liberation of Art” and the new one, both destined for the exhibition). If either of these two don’t sell at all, I believe Matthew and I will be very happy to keep them.
      Oh by the way, I took this piece with me to work on in Europe…so a little was done in Italy and a little in Switzerland. Maybe that is why it is sophisticated!!

      1. anna warren portfolio

        Ah, it absorbed the ambience! I always like to take a book to read that somehow echoes the place I’m in, it adds an indefinable quality, and I think maybe that happened with this one.

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