Post-exhibition post

  • Here I am
  • I exist.  For now
  • What am I going to do with the rest of my existence?
  • What is my relationship with the world?
  • How can I be relevant?
  • How can I fit?
  • How do I fill in time?
  • Void

At the end of every art exhibition I walk off the edge into nothingness…

“Once Upon a Wall” (detail) coloured pencils/oil pastels 2017

Disintegration, then reformation (hopefully) – maybe.  Exposure equals vulnerability.  This always happens.

And I’m floating in a most peculiar way/ And the stars look very different today/….Planet Earth is blue/ And there’s nothing I can do…    (David Bowie)

A normal part of the artistic process.  Nothing special.

“Café des Arts” (detail) coloured pencils 2018.

PS I recovered from my post-exhibition blues.  It took exactly two weeks for me to return to my normal self.


10 thoughts on “Post-exhibition post

  1. anna warren portfolio

    This is the time to go to ground, do a bit of nurturing of yourself. So much energy (emotional and physical) goes into something like an exhibition, where you lay yourself bare to the world, you need time to regrow your skin! You know all will come good – you just need time. Look forward to going away and smelling some roses!

  2. juliepodstolski Post author

    Definitely you are right, Anna. Putting the post into context of life, no sort of crisis has occurred to me, no illness, no natural disaster, no death in the family. Really awful things are happening, like the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. My exhibition thoughts are only a blip.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Sharon, maybe not always but very often the case. That’s why I thought I’d share these sentiments, because I am sure that other creatives can fully relate. When any big art event is created, it is bringing something to life. Then when ‘the life’ is over, it seems natural to grieve its loss. Full recovery comes in its own time.

  3. Camilla

    Yes, Julie, i can relate to that, as i’m sure many artists do. It might be time to breathe in the silence, the stillness and make way for the idiosyncratic, the tiny things that go unnoticed…realize how, in our own quiet ways, we might touch each other. Rest easy, dear friend x

  4. xanderest

    I’m sure that you’re not the only one who has these feelings about the meaning of it all ; the difference between you and the rest of us mere mortals is that you have just extended yourself and achieved at a very high level . You would be superhuman if you could sustain that degree of intensity permanently !

  5. rhodjoy

    That was yet another wonderful exhibition, Julie. Not surprised you feel like you do, that was a lot of long, hard work with an enormous amount of effort and inspiration. Feel like a popped balloon?? Time to take stock and give yourself some time to think about other things perhaps and rejuvenate; you will bounce back once more, I’m sure. Always remember also you’re human, you can’t sustain that level indefinitely. Try to meditate if you can and another thing you could try is visiting some new places……always a pleasure to see other things people are doing. Just take your time…..and come back as new.


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