I did this drawing in February 2013. It is from the same photo session as for the latest drawing.

Here is a drawing which took me three weeks to complete.

In this drawing I have returned once again to the fork in the road between rue de Seine and rue de l’Echaudé in Saint Germain des Prés.  This view mesmerizes me and I have drawn several different versions of it in the last few months.

It is a reflective work; the street reflects the lamps while the plate glass window of Galerie L. de Puybaudet reflects the gallery lights across the road.  The reflection in the window makes a composition within a composition.

There are some funny little details within this work.  A pair of eyes has been put onto the left stop sign.  Under that, on the sign, between the letters S, A and U (of SAUF) are a pair of glasses and on that same sign is a camera.  On the furthest right wall there is another pair of glasses.

I think these small pieces of street art are reminding us to observe our surroundings.  Of course, observation becomes more acute when we are quiet.

At peace in Paris on a Sunday before dawn…


This drawing was awarded an Honorable Mention in Fall Artspectations 2013, an art award run by Colored Pencil Society of America.  The website is http://www.cpsa.org/artspectations-fall-2013-award-winners

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5 thoughts on “Quiet

  1. Robyn Varpins

    Wow, wow, wow….your future looks glowing…as the right side of a picture is about the future…. and the left is about the past…which you have a do-not-enter sign on….no going back, ha, thaks for sharing your creations

  2. Camilla Loveridge

    I love the contrast between the towering iconic and majestic building that looms in the background, imposing in its monochromatic blue…with the quaint, irregular, warm buildings at “street level”. This image reveals to me the idea that we all need a sense of “belonging”, as humans we are pedestrians…living in the present world which isn’t perfect….this imperfection unites us all as humans.


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