In Town Tonight

“In Town Tonight”
A new drawing in my “Paris Revisited” series.
195 x 245 mm. April 2017

“In Town Tonight” is an example of a small arrangement which I found within a larger composition.

Occasionally a photo will be just perfect the way it is but most of my compositions are the result of cropping and then editing out bits I don’t want.  In this case I was drawing from a very small part of my original photo.

The source photograph for “In Town Tonight” taken on 27th October 2016 on rue Saint Denis.

My husband, Matthew, particularly likes “In Town Tonight”.  He associates with the suited figure.  In my mind this could be a Parisian version of a Japanese ‘salaryman’ – a little disheveled after a few drinks – gingerly making his way to the station.  (Possibly my soft-focus is how he is seeing the world at this time.)


5 thoughts on “In Town Tonight

  1. anna warren portfolio

    I can just imagine him weaving a little as he makes his way home. And yes, I think he will be feeling the soft focus, the lights are a bit bright for him, but he is happy. Maybe he has been celebrating a win at work or just giving himself a little boost after a hard week. There are so many stories in these pieces! It works very well – so much can be said without detail.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Yes you are right. Without too much detail so much is open for the viewer to make his or her own interpretation. I was looking at photos of my older Paris drawings this afternoon. I’m so not in that mindset now of mammoth detail-filled street-scapes. The idea of them is no longer intellectually satisfying to me.

  2. xanderest

    Julie , thanks for a very pleasant morning at your place . I loved looking at your treasures and your new drawings which are exquisite . And it was nice to catch up with you three again . I hope I don’t talk too much ; you are all too polite to tell me to shut up , I’m sure .

    Love , Judy .


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