A drawing of an Osprey at North Fremantle. 275 x 350 mm. March 2017  Drawn with coloured pencils, Neocolor and Neopastel.

Perched at the pinnacle of North Mole lighthouse the Osprey surveys his space.  His penetrating eyes register every movement.  When he is ready he will swoop off the narrow ledge to patrol on the air currents.  He will dive-bomb the blue swells for fish, splashing down on impact.

Pandion haliaetus is an alpha bird.  Standing beneath this large fish hawk and peering upwards, I respectfully acknowledge my place in the pecking order.

One of my photographs which shows the Osprey at the top of the lighthouse.


4 thoughts on “Surveillance

  1. anna warren portfolio

    What a great viewpoint! A pyramid shape makes such a strong, dynamic image, the viewer’s eye is led straight to that slightly menacing, ever-watchful eye of the osprey. I like the patterns you have created in the feathers, especially the filigree-like pattern in the shoulder.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Yes, I wanted that strong line to go straight to the Osprey. Mind you, I really didn’t change anything. He really was sitting exactly like that on that particular shape. If there was any compositional decision-making going on, the bird was making it, not me.


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