“Evensong” is a drawing of rue de Rivoli in coloured pencils and Neopastels. 280 x 300 mm. May 2017.

Why would I give a prayer-like title to a drawing of a busy Paris street?  The answer is that when I walk and am deeply inspired by my surroundings, what could be more like prayer?  Or to think of a more modern term, ‘presence’ is what I feel when my senses give me pure joy – rapture at the gorgeousness as day transforms to evening on my rue de Rivoli stroll.

4 thoughts on “Evensong

  1. anna warren portfolio

    You know, this drawing is making me think of Van Gogh – I think there is a sense of movement around the lights, suggesting activity even though nothing is obviously moving. It is so clearly Paris, you must link in to its essence somehow. As to the title – there are many wonderful words used in religious ceremonies and texts, very evocative.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Those are two very flattering comments, Anna – Van Gogh and linking to Paris’ essence! I lied a bit in this drawing. Behind Hôtel de Ville (the big building) is a vertical tower; Tour St Jacques – but I didn’t put it in as it didn’t suit the composition. Hence there is more sky showing than there really should have been. However – that is artistic license (or licence – I can never remember which licence is which).


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