Kyoto Belle Époque

“Kyoto Belle Époque”
coloured pencils and oil pastels. 22 x 27 cm. September 2017

To each of you who came to my art exhibition “Entranced” this month, thank you so much!  Many of you saw me working on this drawing and some of us discussed techniques together.

The drawing as a work-in-progress at the gallery in September 2017.

Once the exhibition closed I finished the drawing at home.   I call it “Kyoto Belle Époque” as it calls to my mind the elegance of the ‘beautiful era’ of Paris in the late 19th century.  So, to me, this is a touch of Paris in Kyoto.

People who came to the exhibition saw that looking at my blurry drawings close up and far away were two different experiences for the eyes.  So for this post I have taken a photo of the drawing from a small distance.  The blurry drawings make more sense from a wall across a room (as they are designed to be viewed)  than they do as a close-up computer screen image.

“Kyoto Belle Époque” on the easel.

Finally, who were these two maiko?  They were Taka and Hisamomo of Pontocho.

The two maiko in the drawing


4 thoughts on “Kyoto Belle Époque

  1. anna warren portfolio

    It would have been fascinating to watch you build this one, your visitors were very lucky to see the gestation. I constantly find it interesting that your drawings take the imagery way beyond the photo, good though your photos are (I realise the photo you show wasn’t your reference one). It is something to do with the balance, the composition and the careful choice of colour, and the textures you create with your pencils.The light pouring down the laneway behind the two maiko adds to the completeness of the image. I like this one a lot!!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Yes, Anna, people were really fascinated to see the work-in-progress especially where the exposed oil pastel undercoat was showing. One lady loved that part, but not any of the part where I’d worked the pencil over the top. She implored me to leave it. Sorry, no.

  2. rhodjoy

    Enjoyed the gallery and talking to you immensely, Julie! As ever, this is beautiful and very captivating because of your extraordinary light focus and choice of colours, so well balanced. As I said, you are a wonderful inspiration!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Joy, no exhibition of mine would be complete without a visit from you. Thanks so much for coming to the floor talk. I get a little nervous before an event like that, worried nobody will show up so I very much appreciate your taking the time to come along.


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