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Sideshow Alley

Boulevard de Clichy in Pigalle is a busy strip of peep shows, sex shops, clubs and bars.  In search of bright lights as well as photos of Moulin Rouge, I went there one evening last October. I have always had … Continue reading

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Why would I give a prayer-like title to a drawing of a busy Paris street?  The answer is that when I walk and am deeply inspired by my surroundings, what could be more like prayer?  Or to think of a … Continue reading

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The Elegant 4th

This drawing celebrates the simple elegance of a quiet street in the 4th arrondissement on an October afternoon. You may also like to look at the page Coloured Pencil Impressionism

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In Town Tonight

“In Town Tonight” is an example of a small arrangement which I found within a larger composition. Occasionally a photo will be just perfect the way it is but most of my compositions are the result of cropping and then … Continue reading

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Just a Moment

In my drawing “Just a Moment” a mother bends down to attend to her child.   Perhaps a small jacket is being buttoned up, tears wiped, nose blown, or reassurance given.  A mother’s life is made up of ‘just moments’ … Continue reading

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On the Road

On this night I stood on the edge of the footpath – camera poised – waiting for action.  Into my frame he swooped; a cyclist rushing southwards. Peruse Contents of Posts index for more stories and pictures.

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Nearly Dusk

Afternoon light is fading.  Sky blue has already leached to cool white.  A rosy tinge will infuse itself into the atmosphere but not quite yet.  Lights pop on as restaurants and bars prepare themselves for another busy evening.  It is … Continue reading

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