Quiet – a work in progress

If you are following my blog you may be noticing that I don’t write many posts.  This is an indication that coloured pencil work is very SLOW work.  Plus I don’t have new ideas to bombard you with every day!

What are The Talking Heads’ lines?

“When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed.  Say something once, why say it again?”  (David Byrne)

However I WOULD like to say that you are reading my articles and I’m extremely grateful!  I can click on a button in my stats to see where in the world you are looking from.  Some of the more far flung countries are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, Japan, Canada and Guatemala.  There have also been many views from United States and perhaps not so strange, Australia and New Zealand.  THANK YOU THANK YOU.

I am currently working on a large drawing (425 x 425mm) of a Paris streetscape in Saint Germain des Prés.  A wedge-shaped building divides rue de Seine and rue de l’Echaudé.  I have done several drawings of this area already.  (They have sold which gives me permission to draw it again.)  However that has nothing to do with it (well, not much anyway).  This area is simply magic to me.  During the day it is full of people but early in the morning there is a special and spiritual atmosphere.

I intend to call this drawing “Quiet” – a homage to Susan Cain’s book of the same name (about being an introvert in a world that can’t stop talking).  Being an introvert myself, I love quiet therefore my favourite time of day to explore Paris for inspiration is before dawn.  Such as this.

I am a week into the drawing.  Because it is a large piece, I estimate I have another two weeks to go with it.  I am photographing its progression at regular intervals so it will be my next work-in-progress page.  I will send out a post when it is complete.

When I am working on it, I am taking myself back there, soaking in the atmosphere.  It is my portal back to Paris on a cold October morning in 2012, just me and the street.

What is special about this streetscape is the amazing reflection in the big window of the closest building.  You can’t see it yet but you will.  I’m saving the reflection until last as that is the bit of the drawing I am MOST cherishing.  It’s going to POP (if I get it right).

So…back to work…and thank you again, dear Reader!

And remember that there may not be many posts, but there are permanent pages with regular new comments, questions and discussion (especially the ‘questions, feedback and comments’ page) so keep looking.  I’m counting on you.


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4 thoughts on “Quiet – a work in progress

  1. Stefan Bernard

    Hi Julie, Its Stefan Bernard here, I am wondering how big the picture is called "Quiet"? Are you planning to sell it? Stefan

  2. anna warren portfolio

    Do you just work on one picture at a time Julie, and immerse yourself in it, or do you have several on the go at once? I find I have to have a variety of things, but having said that, I maybe spread myself too widely!


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