A small coloured pencil/oil pastel piece which I’m drawing at the exhibition.

I am spending a couple of hours each day at my art exhibition “Entranced”.  In this exhibition I have several works from the past five years as well as a series of 2017 drawings.

While at the gallery I am listening to the opinions of visitors.  What I am hearing is that many people prefer drawings with a more interpretive impressionistic bent than the detail-filled sharply focused pieces.   Indeed, the first to sell at the opening was “Daydream” and many visitors have admired this piece and others like it.

August 2017
coloured pencils on top of an undercoat of oil pastels.

I am happy that visitors are responsive to the impressionistic work because this is a type of drawing I am enthusiastic about as well.   After years of detailed work, it is a pleasure to work in a looser interpretative style.

“Sideshow Alley” – coloured pencils/oil pastels
also in the exhibition.

Kidogo Arthouse (Bathers Beach, Fremantle) is open from 11 – 4 Tuesday to Sunday (but closed on Sunday 17 September) until September 20.  I am on site from 11 until 1.  I am giving a talk on Saturday 16th at 2 pm.  All welcome.



11 thoughts on “Impressions

  1. Camilla Loveridge

    Love Sideshow Alley, Julie! I’ll call by for a chat and another look around. Congratulations dear friend… your work is great! Love Camilla xxx


  2. jennifer Rose

    i do really like this style of work 🙂 its so refreshing to see coloured pencil work that isnt so detailed and looks like a photo 🙂 I like that work too, but this style of work is great to see for a change and is more eye catching to me

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Thanks Jennifer. Though (oh dear) some people have walked in to the gallery which they thought was filled with photos…at least that was their first impression. One guy today thought he was looking at hand-coloured photographs.

      1. jennifer Rose

        well from a distance they probably do look more like photographs, but that is also a good style of art that can be done well (in this case) or badly ( i have seen a lot of bad art in that style in galleries)

  3. Jeannie Beauchamp

    Thanks for giving us impressions of your exhibition, Julie. And I like the way the pottery and venue complement your work. All so refreshing and calming.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      It sure is a calm space, Jeannie. The building (built in 1883) was originally a kerosene store I was told today. Its position is just above the beach so when one is inside, one hears waves breaking and seagulls calling. It could hardly be more serene…though it might be different on a stormy day.

  4. anna warren portfolio

    That is such a good endorsement of your new direction – its one thing to take a slightly different path, quite another to take people with you along that path. I guess it is a gentle change, but nevertheless a brave one – so many artists who have a style that sells well feel they can never break away from that and experiment a little, but wouldn’t that make life dull? As you know, I am an enthusiast for your soft focus works (although I sill like the sharp ones too, because they are the absolute best in the photorealist genre). Congratulations!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      While not wanting to sound like I am preaching, I am gently trying to point out (especially to other artists who work in coloured pencils) that there are other ways than just the hyper-real way to work with this medium. People within a group can get so focused on whatever the accepted norm is that they can’t see the wood for the trees. It is good, then, to have dialogue with people who are not part of that group – the exhibition-going and (sometimes) purchasing public.


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