Cool Parisian Shop Dogs

Dog walking in Paris

Dog walking in Paris

I have just returned from two weeks in Paris.  It was a photographic material-gathering trip for new drawings.  While looking for inspiration, sometimes I took photos just for fun.  Below are three stylish Paris dogs in their super-cool shops.

Japanese shuba inu in the hairdressing salon

Japanese shiba inu in the hairdressing salon

Most days I passed by a hairdressing salon in the Marais.  This immaculately-groomed dog was regularly in the window watching the action outside.  He was way too cool to look at me as I knelt down on the pavement to take his photo.

Dog on the counter

Dog on the counter

This little guy was on counter duty in a shop somewhere near Centre Georges Pompidou.  I seem to remember that it was a shop selling accessories – which is fitting as he looks like an accessory.

In the doorway of an optical shop.

In the doorway of an optical shop.

I saw this shape from a distance somewhere between the 5th and 6th arrondissement and first I wasn’t sure what I was seeing.  I went closer and we regarded one another.



Parisians sure love their dogs!  And don’t we all?!

"Jacques Russell" coloured pencil drawing of a Paris dog from a previous trip.

“Jacques Russell”
coloured pencil drawing of a Paris dog from a previous trip.

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I am a realist artist who works in coloured pencils.
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12 Responses to Cool Parisian Shop Dogs

  1. Tina Walsh says:

    Lovely photos Julie.

  2. fuzzydragons says:

    cool a Catahoula Cur 🙂 love their colouring

  3. There is something essentially French about these dogs – their poise and self-confidence (ok, I am guessing here!) but they do look as though they are totally in command of their surroundings, a little bit snooty and very cool! I can see some great drawings emerging – its very nice to be reminded of Jacques Russell, another elegant French dog, but Julie-ised!

  4. nick shiroma says:

    The drawing of Jacques Russell is beautiful! He just oozes confidence. I like all the angles and lines.

  5. Alyson Rich says:

    So cute! I am from Florida and I am living in Paris with my dog, Estelle. I love your post. There are dogs everywhere in this city! I love that I am able to bring my dog in shops and random stores.

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