Another Time

“Another Time”    Neocolor II and Luminance coloured pencils    25 x 31 cm    September 2020

“4 July 2018:  Towards midnight as we lie in our continental hotel bed, Matthew asks me, “What country are we in?”  I take a moment to make sure I give the correct answer, “France”.  It is not a silly question.  Two days before we had exited Italy.  This morning we woke in Geneva, Switzerland – the big day of visiting the Caran d’Ache factory.  Right now we are in the alpine village of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc and tomorrow we will drive to Grimsel Pass in the Swiss Bernese Alps.”      Notes from my journal.

6 September 2020:  Even while I’ve been working on this drawing, I’ve been thinking most of the time that I’m drawing a Swiss alpine town.  No – Chamonix is in the French Alps – I remind myself.

What time was it?  It was dusk.  It was before Covid-19.  It was when we could still travel.  It was a day dream, a beautiful memory, another time.

Step 1  Neocolor II undercoat

step 2  working the coloured pencils into and over the Neocolor wax pastels.

7 thoughts on “Another Time

  1. anna warren portfolio

    I do love these soft focus drawings, this one is utterly evocative of that gentle time of the evening when the darks are becoming so intense and velvety. Europe – certainly a place too far away now. We have to be so grateful for our memories of the places we have been. Capturing the essence as you draw must take you right back there again.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      It is a blessing and a curse that I’m so other-places-than-here inspired when it comes to my art. I know I need to come to terms with being inspired locally, but I do so love the mental travel that happens when I’m trying to capture a far-away place which touched my soul. It’s the closest thing I know to time travel.

      1. anna warren portfolio

        And to be able to time travel like that is truly a blessing. Right now I am REAL travelling! We are going as far as we can within NSW. At the moment in the Warrumbungles, listening to birds, enjoying sunshine. I will be drawing the wildflowers I found this morning in a moment.

  2. lauraslittlecorner

    Dear Julie, so, your is a sort of time-and-space-traveller drawing. It brings you back to time, it shifts you place to place and country to country, as Chamonix-Mont-Blanc was French and, after, Swiss. It’s really interesting to be able to watch the work in progress, how you layer the colours. The drawing really give us a true alpine mood, and how beautiful shades… I love the way you portrait the blurring lights. It reminds me your Japanese and Parisian series. So emotional.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Laura, your description of time-and-space traveller drawing is 100% accurate. When I travel I always keep a daily journal. I write down in detail as much as possible for each day. It helps me to remember exactly how things were when I look back at my journal. For instance, it is two years since I took the photo for the drawing I am currently working on in Brera. I can look back and see that it was extremely cold and that I was exhausted and homesick. Also I can see that I am drawing part of via Fiori Oscuri – a detail I never would have remembered without my journal.


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