Enchanted Venice

It’s true.  Venice is a tourist trap.  It is groaning under the weight of people as much as it is soaked by increasing washes of acqua alta.  It is claustrophobic and impossible not to get thoroughly lost…continuously!  When the tides are very high the waterbuses (vaporetto) stop running leaving one stranded.  It is wet, wet, wet.  Who would go there?  Who, having been, would ever want to go back?

(After five days I said to my traveling companions, “I don’t think I’ll ever come back here”.  They nodded in agreement.)

It’s a lie!  I don’t mean what I said about not wanting to go back.

The enchanted city has caught me. In the few weeks since I was there its spell has been intensifying, working its way into my emotional landscape as surely as an incoming tide.

Venice – wait for me!  I will surely return.

Venetian selfie


16 thoughts on “Enchanted Venice

  1. Sherry Telle

    I do so love getting the email links to your blog. Tonight I am up later than usual baking, and caught it before morning. Now what am I to read over coffee ( and cookies)? Everyone wants to go to Venice. I would like to go someday. For now I am happy living vicariously through you!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      The trouble is, Sherry, everyone IS going to Venice – and my blog won’t help the situation. But who can blame people for wanting to see and experience such a one-of-a-kind place.

  2. Tamara Culp

    I found all of Italy to be packed, just packed full of tourists when I visited. Florence was like navigating Disneyland with the crowds. But I’d go again in a heartbeat. It was my best adventure ever. I have even been studying Italian for 2 years on the slim chance I might go back. Your photo journal is lovely and I could see your future work peeking through.

  3. Elspeth O'neil-Driscoll

    Hi Julie, I’ve been thinking about you. Wondering where you are. Missing your posts. Excited to see something from you this morning. And, you didn’t disappoint.
    Absolutely love your Venice blog. You had me convinced you weren’t going back!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos of Venice and your stories. Now I want to go more than ever. Elspeth 💜

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Elspeth, lovely to hear from you. I couldn’t blog while I was having an existential crisis. It hasn’t been for nothing though as it has led me back to Eckhart Tolle – a huge help in life. (Lots of free listening on Youtube.) love, Julie

  4. Joanne Hayman

    Julie, your blog and photos and commentary are wonderful. I will never be able to go there, so seeing your photos is so enjoyable!! Merry Christmas to you, Matthew and your family, Happy Healthy New Year too!! ‘Share the Joy,’ Hugs, Joanne

  5. Ellen Hines

    Julie, Merry Christmas! and the best of the New Year to you and your family. Thanks for the beautiful photos…..much better than the ones I took when I was there.
    Blessing, Ellen

  6. anna warren portfolio

    Going through the progression of your photos I came round to your way of thinking – the classic views are beautiful but less exciting than the evening and rainy shots. These still capture the essential Venice but with an original twist. The skies in the last ones are just beautiful. There is an undefinable quality in the ancient cities of Europe that capture us and keep bringing us back. I’m looking forward to seeing your interpretations!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Anna, happy Boxing Day! I have already finished one drawing but as the material is so new to me, I’m not photographing it yet but am mulling over it. (As in “one swallow doesn’t make a spring”, so, one drawing doesn’t make a collection.) I’m very much feeling my way with the new subject matter. With the photos, I took some with blogging in mind and others with drawing in mind. Many of the sharp-focused ones here are blog-intended only (or for reference so I can see what it is I’m drawing when I’m doing the blurry version).
      My intention, going ahead, is for more balance life (if I can manage it). That means less hours spent drawing and more hours spent on other aspects of living.

      1. anna warren portfolio

        That sounds like a very good resolution – although I suspect you aren’t intending it as such. A well balanced life is something we should all aim for. Not always achievable but more likely if the intention is there!

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