Kea Auto Care


Welcome to Kea Auto Care.  We are here to give your car our expert attention.   No area – above, below or in-between, will be overlooked by our sharp eyes (and beaks).



Our friendly staff will peck all the surfaces to see if there are loose threads or pretty much ANYTHING to dislodge from your vehicle.





Our premises are located at Otira Pass in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.  Just look for the “Do Not Feed the Keas” sign at the top of the hill.  That’s us.



We also have a good supply of spare parts.


So come and see us!


Kea Auto Care – another Bird-Brained company.

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9 thoughts on “Kea Auto Care

  1. anna warren portfolio

    Birds on a mission – they look as though they make plans and allocate tasks to one another ‘you go for the edge of the door, and I’ll get the spare tyre …’. Not pretty, and what beaks! But a lot of character.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Not pretty but BEAUTIFUL to me. They are my all time favourite birds in the whole wide world (that which I’ve seen of the world anyway). Personality plus and so confident around us that you would never think they were wild mountain parrots.
      “LORD OF THE WINGS” Matthew said. Wish I’d thought of that for my post title actually.

      1. anna warren portfolio

        I am very fond of parrots too, my favourite would have to be the galah, they have an enormous sense of fun, as well as being smart and naughty. I remember once watching a group of them on a rainy day line up to take turns sliding down a wire rope that was holding a power pole. They did it with such glee! And your keas do have the most extraordinary tones and patterns in their feathers.

  2. Tig

    What a wonderful post 🙂 Galahs can be pretty destructive too. I used to have a girl called Parry. They’re not parrots but she came prenamed. She had her own perch in every room of the house and would fly around following us as we did things and each night would go back into her cage in her own bedroom. It was a big house. When she first arrived, she managed a sneak attack on the book shelf. The only book she’d decided to have a go at was the ‘Birds of Australia’ field guide. True story. She peeled the spine off it. Never happened again. Such a character. I miss her. Keas look a little like the NZ version with a cheeky look in their eye.

  3. occasionalartist

    Great post, I had heard about Keas and the ability to strip rubber off cars, but your pictures really prove it. That beak could do some damage. I didn’t know they had that orange flash under their wings, just beautiful. Will there be a Kea drawing sometime in the future?

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      The red/orange under the wings is a real surprise isn’t it, Karen. Keas originally started as Australian birds, zillions of years ago. They were probably a lot more colourful in their ancestral past but gradually evolved to suit NZ bush conditions. Perhaps the colour under their wings is there to remind us of their Aussie beginnings.
      As to a kea drawing, not unless I change tack. Not at the moment anyway but never say never.

  4. Jennifer Rose

    Such neat birds 🙂 Saw signs when we we in NZ warning drivers to be aware that they destroy your car if allowed, but didn’t see any sadly. think we were too far east, next time hopefully 🙂

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Kea are like geisha, Jennifer, in that there is a bit of luck involved in being in the right place at the right time. So, find the right place, be patient (ie wait) and hope for the best.


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