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Good Morning Fremantle

“Good Morning Fremantle” coloured pencils, 29 x 29 cm. August 2021

Those who arise early in Fremantle are rewarded (if they happen to be looking in the right direction) by our red cranes bursting into life when sunrise irradiates them. The scene may be even more dramatic if there are clouds in the western sky – as there were on this morning 19 years ago. This spectacle is something I have loved to witness during my 24 years in Western Australia.

Below is “Harbour Lights”, a 2002 oil painting I painted using the same photograph reference as I used for “Good Morning Fremantle” above. You can only get an approximate idea of the oil painting as I wasn’t using a digital camera back then – so I can only show you an image produced by a scan of a photographic print of my painting.

“Harbour Lights” is one of my final oil paintings as it is about that time I decided I only wanted to use coloured pencils going forward.

“Harbour Lights” an oil painting from 2002.

It can be an enjoyable exercise to make a new artwork from a source photo from years before. One’s ways of seeing changes over time as well as one’s actual methods. And when different art materials are used in each case, the second result will be totally different from the first.