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Art as Comfort

The nightmare week I mentioned last Sunday has continued into a fortnight of flux.  I often feel nervous coming up to a solo exhibition and this is no exception…except that this time it is much worse! What can I do with … Continue reading

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Young Artist, Old Artist

Do you know what ‘gei‘ means?  It means ‘art‘.  A geiko is an arts person.  Maiko and geiko are practitioners of traditional Japanese arts.   (‘Mai‘ of maiko means ‘dance‘.)   When teenage girls start out as shikomi (the first step towards becoming maiko … Continue reading

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Life isn’t perfect but it can be beautiful nonetheless

It was this piece of street art on a crumbling wall in Paris which inspired the name of my upcoming exhibition “Life is Beautiful: Fremantle, Kyoto, Paris”.  When I saw the tiny image on the wall with its words I thought, “That’s my message as well”.  It fascinated … Continue reading

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