A Room with a View

“A Room with a View”  –  coloured pencils, 31.5 x 28 cm.  January 2019

We have a room with a view!

On our first night in Venice I sit at the open window – looking, listening, still.  And then I reach for my camera.  Perhaps this view (this sentiment) can be captured in a drawing.  Shutter clicks follow.

Sounds of lapping water drift upward.   Distant voices from figures on the bridge float on the air, echoing between stone.  It has been raining; maybe it still is – [I can’t remember].  The buildings are lace silhouettes, their white lights reflect on black water.

(“E.M Forster, I’m borrowing your novel title for my drawing.  Is that OK with you?”) 

The following three nights I hardly glance outwards as I flit about the room.  I am already used to the view – desensitized.  Isn’t that a peculiar thing about human nature…



12 thoughts on “A Room with a View

  1. Jeannie Beauchamp

    Fantastic, Julie, thank you. I like the irregular effect of the distant windows’ lights – this really brings the picture to complex life for me. And very clever how the title recalls a famous novel (also based in Italy) while “framing” the picture from your own perspective – via your own window.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Thanks Judy. I’m not sure about the inspiration in a big way. All I can see is one drawing at a time, never knowing what is going to come next – or if there will even be a next.

  2. Robyn Varpins

    I like how the picture becomes so much closer and more intimate by showing the wall on the right side. And your luminous lights at night, that you are so good at making other worldly and magical. Wonderful.

  3. anna warren portfolio

    You know, I read ‘Room With A View’ while I was in Florence, many years ago, and it added to the experience in a subtle way. And you really DID have a room with a view! There is something enticing about looking down that alleyway of water, inviting you to go for an evening walk. I think the most important part is that little blue light just off centre, my eye keeps going to it. Oh, and looking at the drawing large, its wonderfully abstract, lots of interesting interlocking shapes.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Anna, I’m a huge fan of E.M. Forster. Though having said that, I’m not so keen on “A Passage to India” which I finished re-reading the other day. Maybe because I don’t have a great interest in India. I’ve read his other books two or three times each – plus I love the Merchant-Ivory film adaptations of them.
      Our view wasn’t a Grand Canal view, just a wee canal view. But it is the first view like it I have ever had from a dining room.
      Fancy you picking up that little blue light. I must say, I enjoyed portraying it. And the pink on its left is the top of someone crossing the bridge.
      Now I’m wondering what to draw next?! In the meantime, getting some housework done.


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