Subject 6: Venice

In November 2018 I spent a few days in Venice with one of my daughters (Alicia).  I am starting a new subject page though at this stage (early 2019) there are not yet many art works.  This is an exciting beginning with my most recent muse.

About Venice Henry James wrote in an 1882 essay, “There is notoriously nothing more to be said on the subject…I am not sure there is not a certain impudence in pretending to add anything to it”.  In answer to those words even if I can say nothing new I hope to interpret Venice as I saw and experienced it.

So far these new drawings are using 100% coloured pencils (no oil pastel).  I am employing a bristle brush (the type usually associated with oil painting) to push the pencil pigment into the paper’s ridges and valleys.  The use of a dry brush helps to give the drawings a soft painterly effect.  (I write about my techniques on my Art Materials page and Brush and Pencil.)

“Early One Morning”

“A Room with a View”

“The Remains of the Day”