Space Oddity

“Big Sky” oil painting, 1990  (Paraparaumu)

It occurs to me that each one of us has a universe inside.  There are light and energy sources – suns and stars.  Also plenty of space.  And black holes – awful negative nothingness which is another name for the bottomless-pit-of-need where you can never get enough validation or self-esteem.  Inner planets too?  Why not.

Positive energy (the sun) shines forth as one loves, receives inspiration, gives back, and puts ideas into action.

But it is hard not to be afraid of the black hole and of being drawn into it.  It is such a hopeless void.

Sometimes I blaze through my universe with rocket-fired determination – gladly constructing and carrying out ideas, projects and schemes.  At other times I languish, lost in space.

These are elements within my inner universe, and perhaps they are elements inside yours.   The universe isn’t only out there, but also in here.

I lay in bed early this morning thinking these thoughts before turning over and going back to sleep.

“Check ignition and may God’s love be with you.”  David Bowie

5 thoughts on “Space Oddity

  1. Jeannie Beauchamp

    Brilliant painting, Julie. I very much like the way that the clouds give the impression of fish (especially one huge shark) swirling through a huge ocean of blue. And then of course there’s the edge of a sea below. I wonder whether you intended those interconnections?

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Jeannie, no, it has never occurred to me that the clouds are fish-like. However, that is the thing about clouds isn’t it, you can see all sorts of objects in them. Coincidentally, our Fremantle clouds were very much like these ones today. It was fresh and cold here, so I’m guessing that 1990 Paraparaumu day was cold as well.

  2. anna warren portfolio

    Worlds within worlds – thinking about the universe opens such enormous, impossible trains of thought, but bringing it to a personal level, and thinking about the universe within us makes for a more manageable set of ideas. And it is true, our minds are like the universe, with bright spots and black holes, often impossible to understand or explain. That is a wonderful sky in your painting (you have been very accomplished for a long time). From my recent travels I have become a little obsessed with the sky, so many extraordinary formations and colours too. I need to do something with them …

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      You must have met with some incredible skies, Anna, on your trips. I grew up with marvelous skies, living in Wellington, where the winds rush from all directions and change in a heartbeat. I don’t think our skies are nearly as interesting in Perth as NZ skies. Now and then – but usually – blue, blue, unchanging blue!


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