Rhapsody in Gold

“Rhapsody in Gold”
Coloured pencils and oil pastels.   330 x 390 mm
August 2017

On 22 October 2016 I wrote in my journal, “Sigh!  I sure am feeling lazy.  I don’t really want to go anywhere”.  However I forced myself out of my little apartment on rue de Poitou and set off for an evening’s photography walk.

Next morning’s journal entry reads, “I finished yesterday’s entry by saying I didn’t want to go out.  I was downhearted.  I’d had enough of Paris and felt homesick.  Blah blah blah – negative thoughts.  However, the light changed, I got good photos.  On the way home I got even more good photos.”

One of the photos during this walk became my source for “Rhapsody in Gold”.   The view is of Ile de la Cité; la Conciergerie, a dome of the Palais de Justice, a spire of Sainte-Chapelle – and beams of light emanating from the Eiffel Tower.  In the foreground, the Seine reflects street lamps and traffic lights.

The moral of the story is, sometimes when you don’t feel like going out, it is good to force yourself.  You might just find treasure – in this case – pure gold.

10 thoughts on “Rhapsody in Gold

  1. anna warren portfolio

    So often when you make yourself do something it turns out better than something keenly anticipated – there is magic that comes from low expectations! This is a fabulous work, it will have to be a centrepiece of your exhibition. (Presumably not the upcoming one, but the next). There is such a richness in the glowing colours, much symbolism of the city that is Paris. This is one that I could keep looking at. Using the oil pastels below is working so well, adding depth and richness.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Yes, Anna, it will be exhibited in 2018. It is what I term a ‘major’ work because of its size and composition, so yes it is in the centrepiece category. But hopefully there will be a few more biggies in that category in 12 months’ time.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Joy, I’m sorry to say that this one will be in the exhibition-after-the-current exhibition. It will be my exhibition in 2018 which has the new Paris work in it. The up-coming show has several different subjects including just a couple from Paris (well, four).


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