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Morning has Broken

“Morning has Broken” January 2021 40.5 x 29 cm.

I regularly write about a method I’ve developed of putting an undercoat of Neocolor (wax pastel) onto my paper before I build colour over it with Luminance coloured pencils. I’ve used the Neocolor/Luminance partnership for this work.

One doesn’t absolutely need Neocolor when working with coloured pencils. Here is the same subject; sunrise reflecting off buildings on the Grand Canal, which I drew two years ago with Luminance coloured pencils alone.

“Sunrise Reflected” drawn in June 2019

I wanted to tackle this subject again so I decided to give myself a different experience from the first time by adding Neocolor. I ask myself each time I’m ready to begin a new work, “Am I in the mood to use Neocolor or am I not?”.

Incidentally you may notice the same seagull in both drawings. The bird is actually in the source photo for my latest drawing “Morning has Broken” however I wanted him in the first drawing “Sunrise Reflected” so I borrowed him.

Here is “Morning has Broken” in stages:

Undercoat in Neocolor finished.
Starting to work the Luminance over the top from the left.
As I move across I continually adjust all the earlier sections.
The building on the right is in the process of being worked on.
“Morning has Broken” January 2021

At every stage I fix things up, trying to get perspective right plus have windows and columns lining up as best I can. One thing about Venetian architecture is that it is warped and wonky. This gives me a bit of leeway. The unexpected sags and lumps may be the buildings themselves as opposed to this artist’s poor skills. Mayhap – this is a word I often say in my head – a mixture of maybe and perhaps.

During this week, over forty years of work comprising more than 550 paintings and drawings in 15 categories, was migrated over from my old website to a brand new 2021 website. I’d love you to take a look.