On the Rocks

“On the Rocks 1”

“On the Rocks 2”

The latest additions to my drawing series headed for Kidogo Arthouse in September 2017 are “On the Rocks 1” and “On the Rocks 2”.    These drawings will be the smallest in the exhibition at 195 x 200 mm each.

In the past three weeks I have been to New Zealand and back twice.  Each time I flew, one of the drawings went with me so that I could work while away.  These well-traveled crested terns were worked on in airport transit lounges, my sister’s house in Wellington and in the hospice where my brother was being cared for in Christchurch.  It was calming to scratch away with pencils in the unusual circumstances in which my drawings and I found ourselves.   They were both completed back home in my studio.

When holding an exhibition it is good to have a range of art sizes.  Not everyone has huge wall spaces (or wallets) for one’s major works.  A small sized drawing (or two) may be just the ticket for an intimate space.

“Entranced” opens on 7th September at Kidogo Arthouse on Bathers Beach, Fremantle.


9 thoughts on “On the Rocks

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Jennifer – not THAT close. Since I live on the west coast of Australia it still takes me about 10 hours (with flying and transit time) to get to and from NZ.

  1. rhodjoy

    Love the character of your birds, Julie! Beautiful work, really looking forward to your exhibition in September so I can admire them properly!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      I do so appreciate that some people who look at my blog live in the same area I do so that they can see the work in real life. Thank you, Joy, for being one of those people.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Thanks Anna, I rather rushed these – but I don’t mind a bit of impatience in coloured pencil work because it can add to the life of the drawing. More haste, less fussy perfection I say!


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