Turn! Turn! Tern!

I find myself unexpectedly in Busselton (Western Australia) this weekend.  At the end of (very hot) Saturday, I walk out on the town’s famous jetty to see what the birds are doing.


Busselton on the coast of Western Australia

As the sun sets, the beautiful light is caught in the feathers of the circling terns.



I am sure this one is studying me as I pan his movements with my camera…


…then continues on his way over my head.


“To everything, turn, tern, turn,/ there is a season, turn, tern, turn,/ And a time to every purpose under heaven…”




As I turn to leave, I look up and there on the light pole is a tern observing the scene – and close by (but also far away) is the moon.


I think I will head back.  The sun has set now but the terns continue their flights and aerial strikes in the ever-dimming light.


“Good night.”



9 thoughts on “Turn! Turn! Tern!

  1. sharonsskow

    You take beautiful pictures. You’re not only a very talented artist with a bubbly and wonderful personality, you are also a very talented photographer with great eyes for details.

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Cousin Malaysia! Do you know, I find the best photo sessions are when I have no expectations therefore I am relaxed. If I have any sense of desperation, “i.e. I MUST get some photos to draw from”, then more often than not, I will come away with nothing. During this session I was only taking photos for fun, therefore I DID have fun and I came away with some nice results. In all probability none of them will ever be used as source photos for drawings.

  2. John Z.

    What a wonderful journey, Julie. I thoroughly enjoyed your photos and story and was instantly transported to another place.

  3. rhodjoy

    Wonderful neck of the woods, Julie! And I love your photos too, I am not particularly good with a camera. Strangely enough, my iPad takes GREAT pics…..but I can’t use all of those either. I am eagerly awaiting REAL Autumn, Julie, hate this humid hot stuff. We were very spoiled in Perth this summer, it was lovely and cool……..famous last words!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Hi Joy, I agree, this humid weather is hard to take. It can’t last much longer. Your words are also true about our summer. It has been one of the best Perth summers I have experienced, in not being too extreme.

  4. anna warren portfolio

    There is something so serene about birds in flight, that sense of complete freedom. Something I envy you in the West for is being able to watch the sun set over the ocean, for us it is (almost) always over land.


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