Coloured pencil drawing of Katsutomo. 370 x 460 mm. June 2017

“Entrance 1. the act or an instance of going or coming in; a door, passage etc. by which one enters; right of admission; the coming of an actor on stage.”                                        “Entrance 2. enchant, delight; put into a trance; overwhelm with strong feeling.”           (The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary)

In September 2015 I took many photos of Katsutomo during her erikae (when she become a Geiko).  This month, June 2017, I have made my third drawing from this auspicious occasion.

Two previous drawings of Katsutomo …

A Reflective Moment
330 x 490 mm, 2015

Being There
365 x 510 mm, 2015

and when she was still a Maiko…

Here she is in my drawing “The Art of Elegance”, 2014

I have recently been invited to exhibit my drawings at Kidogo Arthouse – 7th to 20th September 2017 – hence a return to memories – and new drawings – of Kyoto.  My co-exhibitor will be Ceramicist, Stewart Scambler.  This is a Gallery East exhibition.


About juliepodstolski

I am a realist artist who works in coloured pencils.
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12 Responses to Entrance

  1. annalisafeleppa says:

    Just beautiful Julie. X

  2. sharonsskow says:

    Gorgeous work as always and congratulations to you on the upcoming exhibition. I’m 100% positive that visitors will be in awe of your stunning artwork.

    • Thanks Cousin. It won’t be ALL new work. There isn’t time between now and September – so some work done within last 24 months and some new work – as much as I can do in 8 weeks.

  3. JOANNE HAYMAN says:

    Julie, Congratulations on the invitation to do a new show. This new work, ‘ENTRANCE ‘, is so stunning. Love the colors, with the white background makes it so different from the others!!! Your work will blow away the public, it is always so wonderful and detailed, beautiful!!! These are always my favorite paintings by you wit CP’s! ‘Share the Joy,’ Hugs, Joanne

  4. I think your more abstract works have influenced this drawing – even though it is fully realist it has so many abstract qualities in the structure and the forms, and is subtly different from the earlier drawings of Katsutomo. The almost monotone palette, with the browns and creams is very appealing. It is an interesting and very beautiful work. The double use of the word ‘entrance’ is very clever!

    • I agree, Anna, and feel that “Once Upon a Wall” influenced my decision to draw this one. Also, I felt this striking-shaped (but not highly coloured) composition would compliment the ceramics which will be a major part of the September exhibition.

  5. How entrancing! And bold.

  6. fuzzydragons says:

    the fabric in all of them is so well done 🙂

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