Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe A new drawing for August 2016 in coloured pencils

Super Deluxe
A new drawing for August 2016 in coloured pencils

Word association:  the words on the taxi are a perfect description for maiko and geiko.  These practitioners of the refined arts of Japan are cultivated and rarified beings.   They are super deluxe.  The geiko in this drawing is Chisako; this has just been confirmed by my good Kyoto friend, Mima-san.

This composition was hidden inside a very ordinary photo which I took last September. While examining the photo, it was seeing the words on the taxi which piqued my interest.

Here is the source photo for the drawing "Super Deluxe".

Here is the source photo for the drawing “Super Deluxe”.

It took me a few months to see the potential for a piece of art hiding inside my hastily taken photograph.  That is the exciting thing about candid photography on Kyoto streets – one never knows what treasures lie within the copious material brought home.  What a bonus to have captured the reflection of the lantern in the taxi’s shiny paint.  I loved drawing this.




4 thoughts on “Super Deluxe

  1. anna warren portfolio

    It’s not exactly serendipity – yet the image was a chance capture, but not necessarily recognised as being valuable at first glance. You identified the value of this small image probably almost by chance. In some ways, finding something like this is more pleasurable than having a clear winner in the complete photograph. Not everyone would have seen the potential that you did. Choosing the right cropping is an under-rated skill, I think. Often one sees work that people have done from an uncropped photo that does not work, because the balance isn’t right. You have got it right, and ended up with a valuable addition to the body of work for your exhibition. Bravo!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Thanks, Anna. I couldn’t agree more about the pleasure in finding a hidden gem. I have many photos that are out-and-out perfect for drawing but they don’t give me (necessarily) the buzz that makes me want to draw from them. I am a treasure-seeker. Hunting is more fun than being presented with something on a plate.
      Hmm, I know just what you mean about composition. It is the very foundation of any art work so it must be solid.


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