"Somewhere" Coloured pencils on Arches Aquarelle. 195 x 240 mm. November 2016

Coloured pencils on Arches Aquarelle.
195 x 240 mm. November 2016

Somewhere in Paris.   Friday 22nd October around dusk – I walk into Saint Germain des Prés specifically to photograph its streets as the light changes.

“Somewhere” is the first drawing in what I hope will be an impressionistic Paris series.  While over there I took nearly every photo out-of-focus so that I can create atmospheric works.  I have had enough of careful detail.  I want to show the energy of pencil strokes and liberate pencil marks from rigid control.


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11 thoughts on “Somewhere

  1. Brigitte Shaw

    In my last email I actually meant your painting “Somewhere”, Julie. Look forward to seeing how you develop this impressionistic series – love this one.

  2. anna warren portfolio

    These are going to be good! What an exciting departure. When this arrived in my emails, I saw the image from across the room and it looked great, enigmatic and enticing. I can see ‘Liberation’ was a bridge to ‘Somewhere’!

    1. juliepodstolski Post author

      Yes, I think so. This drawing was going really badly for a start. These out-of-focus drawings often seem to be quite arduous to begin with – leading me to think they are failing. I just have to be patient with the process and carry on till they turn the corner…hoping that each one does, in fact, turn a corner.

  3. occasionalartist

    Lovely to see these out of focus drawings of Paris, I have to say one of my favourite drawings of yours was the rain on the window. These are so vibrant yet moody. Not sure how you achieve both but you do. Karen


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